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Cornell Lending Library

No description

Outreach Cornell University

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Cornell Lending Library

Cornell University
Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies

During the Spring 2016 semester the Einaudi Center launched an initiative to digitize and curate all existing educational resources in the lending library. The goal of this project was to make our unique materials accessible to educators, who could implement them in their classroom instruction.
All of the area studies programs within the Einaudi Center have separate libraries that contain a variety of different media including books, movies, music, and culture kits.
The culture kits are specially designed boxes that contain objects for cultural immersion.
We designed these kits through collaboration with local elementary schools and community colleges. These kits cover a variety of topics and satisfy the learning objectives for many age groups.

The Einaudi Center will lend its resources to any institution or individual seeking to use the materials for education and public engagement.
All resources are available free of charge.
Patrons may check out items in two-week increments of time. Items may be renewed and kept longer, provided there is not another patron waiting for the item.
A patron may borrow multiple items at a time, however culture kits are restricted to a maximum of two at a time.
Please be aware that the library is managed by Cornell University students, and is therefore subject to delays around holidays and break periods.
Lending Policy
Goals of the Lending Library
Concluding Remarks

Cornell and the Einaudi Center are deeply committed to creating cultural awareness through education and experience. The goal of this initiative is to help faculty and K-12 teachers internationalize their curriculum by making available our unique resources.
For further questions about our lending library, please direct your inquiries to
We are happy to answer any and all questions.

We hope this resource will be useful to you in your future courses.

Thank you for your time!
The hold and checkout process for outreach.libib.com
Once you get a confirmation email, go to outreach.libib.com and search for materials by library or theme. When you are ready, click checkout.
Patrons will create an account with their email, and a password will be sent to the email address provided. Once you have the password, you can checkout. We will send you a confirmation email, and your item will be shipped or ready for pick up!
Patrons may also read and write reviews!
The checkout process is simple and efficient.
If you want to become a patron of our lending library, email us at
We will add your email to our patron list.
List of Libraries
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