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DDMRP Replenishment+ Taylors Consulting English

DDMRP in English

Guillermo Taylor

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of DDMRP Replenishment+ Taylors Consulting English

There are the four uses of Strategy and Tactics Trees.

Type 1 - The Transformation S&T – Viable Vision Templates (3R, Project, Consumer Products, Retail, etc.)

Type 2 - The Organization S&T Tree – 5 Engines of Disharmony

Type 3 - Content S&T Trees – Off of TP - The Critical Chain is Level 5

Type 4 - S&T’s to Organize vast Knowledge

There is a fifth, new use of S&T Trees:
Type 5 - How do you go into the unknown?

“If you have a bright/smart entrepreneur, partner with him” ”
Eli Goldratt THANK YOU! Rua Gutemberg,99
Curitiba, PR

(41) 3338-9987
(41) 3338-0584
(41) 9911-9812

www.taylors-oc.com Acesso Remoto Sem investimento
em infra-estrutura Baixos Custos com TI Fácil integração com seus sistemas atuais Assistência Técnica e Suporte 24 horas/dia Pague conforme usa
(pay-as-you-go) Upgrades constantes e sem custo adicional Easily integrates with all the major ERP packages in the market Significant Improvements for client in: Customer Service Order Fill Rate Lead Times Reduction Inventory reduction INVENTORY:

Asset or Waste? The change to follow Demand The problem is not solved The "promote and push" world does not fulfill our needs anymore Companies and Supply Chains need to align their resources with real consumption FROM: PROMOTE AND PUSH TO: POSITION AND PULL THE FIVE COMPONENTS OF DDMRP Distribution Net Positioning PROMOTE AND PUSH POSITION AND PULL Recalculated Adjustments
THE POWER OF DDMRP PARTNERS REPLENISHMENT+ OFFER Cutting edge planning and execution tool that produces significant bottom line results Interfaces between Replenishment+® and an ERP Platforms Inventory-based Subscription Pricing model Delivery and Ongoing Support and Upgrades of Replenishment+® projects. OBRIGADO! Old Rules, Old Tools, New Pressures Crescent erros on forecasts Growing volatility on supply and demand The legacy of planning tactics and tools is outdated Global supply and demand Shorter tolerance times from clients In the whole world there are planning and supplies scenarios more complex than ever – the past does NOT predict the future Improvements are even possible on this New Rule? Reduce Variability Reduce Lead Times Leverage your resources ASR Lead Time + Matrix BoM The Matrix Bill of Material shows the relationships between all Itens Materials' Synchronization Alert
Problem: Priority by Due Date Solution: Priority by BUFFER STATUS Lead Time alerts protect critical syncronization points regarding non-stocked itens with long lead times
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