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The Geometry of Forensics

No description

Aurora Taylor

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of The Geometry of Forensics

What is
Forensic Science?
Forensic Science is defined quite simply as "the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past which is then used in a court of law", as testimony in criminal or civilian cases. It is actually divided into thousands of subbranches rather than just one field, as the sheer amount that has to be learned is too much for one person.
Surface tension
Identification of p and v
Specific angles are used, as well as shape and other factors
Extremely exact science, even micrometers can throw other measurements off by meters
Forensic serology
Proportions of the Bones
Forensic scientists, specifically forensic anthropologists, can use proportions and a single bone to determine the height,age, sex and age of a victim. They can do this due to proportions of bones compared to each other, straiations on the bones, and the shapes on the bones.
Guns, Guns, and More Identification?
When a crime occurs involving a firearm,the gun is rarely found at the scene
The bullets usually are found
Rifling patterns can be used
Ballistics experts
How the Angles of Blood Splatter Work
A droplet of blood is circular as it falls, which causes a circular blood stain when the droplet hits at a perfect ninety degree angle. If the angle is not ninety degrees, like most blood splatters, they have been affected by motion and must be calculated using their shape. The length of the blood drop can be an indicator of the angle of incidence (where it hits).
Mafia Time
Who dun it?
The Geometry of Forensics
This field is not to be confused with forensics, which is basically the field of professional arguing. I did not know it existed either.
Shapes of Blood Spatter
The shape of bloodstains also depend on the velocity at which they hit, and what they were caused by. They can be ellipses, lines, mists, and many other shapes, all of which occur in variety of ways.
Sharp- force trauma
force trauma
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