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Selena Mullins Career Shadowing

No description

selena mullins

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Selena Mullins Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Project! I career shadowed Dr.Robert Jackson known as Dr.Bo.
He is a small animal vet who owns his own practice in lakeland. He works about 52 hours a week and he makes around $100-$200 thousand dollars a year. He specializes in Opthamology (eyes/vision)
The business was opened in 1959 by his father. At Animal Medical Clinc they not only have vetrinary services but they also board animals mostly dogs and cats. To become a Vet like Dr.Bo you go to a normal 4 year college ad then a you attend 4 years of undergraduate vetrinary school. Dr.Bo has a degee in small animal medicine he went to school for 8 years to become a vet. In the next 15 years his plans for Animal Medical clinc are just to continue to take care of paitents and to continue enjoying the work they do there. At animal medical clinc their goal is to instill trust and confidence in their patients and to always put the patients first and worry about money second. Money is definetly not the only reason for his business, his number 1 goal in the clinic is just to take care of the animals. I think that in the future it would be nice to work at Animal Medical Clinc or just in the vetrinary world. I really liked the fact that Dr.Bo gets to work so closely with animals and that he gets the chance to take care of them and keep them healthy and make sure that they live long happy healthy lives. one thing i really disliked about the job is that you have to work such long hours!
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