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Plant Cells to Grey's Anatomy

No description

Sydney McKay

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Plant Cells to Grey's Anatomy

Cell Analogy
Plant cells to Grey's Anatomy
The hospital generator represents the mitochondria of the cell. Just like the mitochondria generates cellular energy for the cell, the hospital generator will generate electrical energy for the hospital.
The nucleus of Grey's Anatomy can be represented by the Chief of Surgery. Just like the nucleus controls the activity of the cell, the Chief directs the staff and programs of the surgical department.
In this anaology, the cafeteria represents a cell's Chloroplasts. Just like Chloroplasts produces food to feed the cell, the cafeteria makes food to feed both staff and patients.
Surgeons are the lysosomes of Grey's Anatomy. Just like how lysosomes break down food, bacteria, and worn out cell parts, surgeons will go into the O.R. to perform surgery on patients. Surgeons can perform amputations, remove foreign objects, remove tumors and other growths, ect.
Endoplasmic Rectulum
A hospital gurney can represent the endoplasmic rectulum of a cell. Just like the endolplasmic rectulum transports materials in the cell, a gurney transports patients in the hospital.
Cell Wall
Dr. Webber represents of the cell. Just like the cell wall provides support and protection for the cell, Webber provides support and protection for the other doctors.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane of Grey's Anatomy can be represented by the code black. Just as the cell membrane controls what enters and leaves a cell, code black places the hospital under lock down where no one can enter or leave.
Golgi Bodies
The surgical board on Grey's Anatomy represents the golgi bodies. Just like the golgi bodies modifies, sorts, and packages molecules, the surgical board modifies, sorts, and books the surgery schedule for when the O.R is available.
The vacuole, which stores water, food, or waste, could be represented by the supply closets that store medicines, blankets, and other similar hospital supplies. The same relation can also be made with blood banks, which store a supply of blood samples for use on patients.
Ribosomes, which contain protein and protein synthesis, could be represented by I.V bags. Just as the ribosomes provide protein and nutrients for the cell, the I.V. bags provide nutrients or other medicines for the patient.
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