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How To Defeat Weeping Angels

No description

Haley Theaker

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of How To Defeat Weeping Angels

How to defeat Weeping Angels. What are Weeping Angels? Weeping Angels are aliens that are as old as the universe or very close. No one knows exactly were they came from. The 10th Doctor Refereed to them as "The only Psychopaths in the Universe that kill you nicely" He describes them as the loneliest beings in the universe, since their quantum-lock reaction makes it difficult for them to socialise. He also describes them as "the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form evolution has ever produced." How are they Dangerous?
They're only statues! Weeping Angels are only statues when observed by a living being. That is because they are "Quantum Locked" or stuck (in stone) in the position they are in when observed. Weeping Angels 1st appeares in the episode Blink with the 10th doctor.Weeping Angels can also plant an image of themselves into a person's mind by looking straight into their eyes. This Happened With Amy Pond in "Time of the Angels" and "Flesh and Stone." If The living being looking at it (or them) looks away (or even blinks!) The angel(s) attacks you Then Sends you back in time... What happens if they attack you!!!
HOW DO YOU DEFEAT THEM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When a Weeping Angel touches you, (or another living thing) you get sent back in time (usually before you were born) and you live to death. Meanwhile the Angels feed off the time energy you would have lived in the present time. The way you can defeat them is trick them into looking at each other. What if it becomes pitch black so you cant see them (or if they are looking at each other)? The End P.S. I do not own any of these Pictures. Don't worry if they are looking at each other, they have night vision (I'm 90% sure). If the lights go out and you are looking at them don't be surprised if you wake up in a different time period. P.P.S. Tune in next time for how to escape Slender Man. Before After WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING. BTW sorry I couldn't get better/different Pictures. Prezi was being stupid. It Also wouldn't let me use the Pictures I wanted. (Ok right TV show)THIS IS ONE REASON NO ONE LIKES WEEPING ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh Yeah I Forgot To Say: SPOILER ALERT) Bibliography Wikipedia

http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/supernatural/images/32613944/title/some-spn-cast-photo And this is...Wait a sec Wrong TV Show! Sorry Supernatural...(Also STOP STARING. I KNOW THERE HOT. THEY LIVE ON THE CW NETWORK. EVERYONE IS HOT THERE. WHY DID I JUST TELL YOU WERE THEY LIVE? WHY AM I ASKING YOU?) They are responsable for Many dissaperences and Tragitys not only in the Doctor's life but in many more. Ok we're almost over. So basicly, Weeping Angels are Kind of the oppisite of Slender Man. You look at weeping angels, don't blink, and they dont kill you... If you do that to Slenderman, he will kill you. Ok Now you know how to defeat them... Or at least keep them from killing you.
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