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Why are Americans so afraid of a strong central government?

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Hannah Pokrandt

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Why are Americans so afraid of a strong central government?

The Declaration of Independence
Why are Americans so afraid of a strong central government?
Where the fear of a strong central government started
Events leading up to the Revolution
what's next?
3 issues debated in drafting the articles...
The original 13 colonies were ruled by Britain
Britain imposed taxes on the colonies to pay for war debts
Colonists opposed being taxed and responded with riots, protests and boycotts.
Eventually led to the Colonists deciding they wanted to have a revolution to become independent..

-taxes and acts
-boston massacre
-boston tea party
-intolerable acts
-common sense
-olive branch petition
-Battle of Bunker Hill

-During the enlightenment in the 18th century, people started questioning traditions
-As people became more knowledgeable and aware they felt the need to break from Britain and become independent
-the Navigation acts and Glorious revolution proved to Colonists that they needed to break from Britain and they had the power to do so.
By Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1776
Declared independence from Britain
Had 4 parts:
1) Preamble
2)Declaration of Natural Rights
3)List of Grievances
4)Resolution of Independence
The articles of Confederation was created.
Who gets western land?
How does the state get represented?
Should government be divided?
But there were weaknesses in the articles that needed to be revised...
The final revision of the Articles of Confederation established that...

The US gets the Western land
Each state gets 2 votes
Government is divided into 3 branches (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial)
A strong central government is bad because if bad decisions are made then they apply to everyone which could be bad for the entire country, however if the state governments make bad decisions it is only bad for one state and doesn't drastically weaken the nation.
Also, people feared that a strong central government would overpower state governments, and eventually state governments would lose their independence and influence.

People don't want another federal government that has too much authority like when the colonies were ruled by Britain.
People want to make their own decisions on how they're governed. (No unfair taxation/laws)

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