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Admission of Teenage Athletes in Professional Sports Leagues

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Mellie Alyson

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Admission of Teenage Athletes in Professional Sports Leagues

Just Do It. Admission of Teenage Athletes in Professional Sports Leagues
By A. Ali History Is Made Young Athletes should be allowed to compete in professional sports, regardless of age If they are not allowed this:
•Violates antitrust laws

•Is ageism discrimination

•Colleges will profit without giving athletes compensation Violation of Antitrust Laws Committees and officials, who create these laws, are the same ones who associate with special interest groups to garner more profit

Leads to Monopolization

League Requirements

Unconstitutional within the U.S. Ageism Discrimination Other Professions Not Discriminated Against

Elderly Discrimination vs. Youth Discrimination

Limits an Athlete's Earnings Colleges Will Garner Profit Makes millions of dollars from college athletes

Lack of Collegiate Union

Athletes to Stimulate Economy Doesn't College Matter? Physical and mental strain of professional athletics

Life after Professional Career Brutal Reality Athletes Who Didn't Go To College Shaun White
Muhammad Ali
Kevin Garnett
Usain Bolt
Maria Sharapova
Derek Jeter
Lance Armstong
Times Changing
Such regulations were not always instituted Why now? Eligibility since the 1950's
Wilt Chamberlain renounced his senior year in order to turn pro early
1971–Haywood v. National Basketball Association Case
In 1979, 18-year-old Wayne Gretzky
In 1990, Jennifer Capriati turned tennis pro at 13 yrs
In 1995, Kevin Garnett drafted
Sherman Antitrust Act
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