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Is Edward (Ned) Kelly a Hero, Victim or Villain

No description

Commander Zanot

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Is Edward (Ned) Kelly a Hero, Victim or Villain

Is Edward (Ned) Kelly a Hero, Victim or Villain Firstly when Ned Kelly was just a boy his farther died so as the oldest he took on the role as head some years later he was sent to prison for stealing a horse although he did not commit the crime he was still sent to prison. To me Ned Kelly was a victim why?
Well let me tell you why He then did the right thing and got a job as a miller but the trooper's-that is what the police where called back then-came back to haunt him once again, an incident with Constable Fitzpatrick had Ned and his brothers in hiding when the troopers could not find them, they put Ms Kelly into prison for attacking a trooper a crime she did not commit,

so Ned thought "if the troopers won't leave us alone and put us in prison for crimes we did not commit then i might as well be doing the things that they are putting us in prison for." Ned was a bank robber. but why?
His mother was put in prison for a crime she did not commit.
they had no money to purchase food for themselves or their family.
He was also trying to obtain money for the bail of his mother.
Granted what he did was wrong but
that did not change his motives,
When he bought things and couldn't
pay for them he would always come back
and pay the shop owners what he owed them. Secondly: Ned Kelly was presumably a very nice man. He never treated his hostages with cruelty but entertained them with shows, food and parties. He was always kind to his family, his gang and his hostages. Thirdly: Ned Kelly did do the wrong things, he stole, he killed, but he stood up for what he believed in, he took care for his family, he was nice to his prisoners and if you could think of a villain do you think they would do these things? No. Ned Kelly was a victim

I can not change your mind about Ned Kelly but i can give you the facts, i can tell you what happened to him and why he did the things he did but to me he was a victim. Finally: Back Snake Bibliography
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