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Sequence of Events


Karla Johnson

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Sequence of Events

What is Sequence of Events?
Why is is it important to Learn?
Sequence of Events in the Content Areas
Signal Words and Phrases
Sequence is the organization of events in a fiction or nonfiction text.
Identifiying the sequence within a text helps people understand time-order relationships, or how events fit together
Identifying sequence of events also helps a reader summarize text, identify causes and effects, and draw conclusions.
Identifying the sequence of events improves overall comprehension!!
Reading & Language Arts
Social Studies
first, second, third,
then, before, after
last, since, next
now, finally, prior
yesterday, last year,
today, in the future
1. Skim the passage and circle all signal words to help us identify sequence.
2. Look at the questions and circle the signal words.
3. Read the story.
4. Answer the questions and PROVE your answers by underlining in the story.
5. Label your proof by labeling which question you are proving!
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