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biome : reefs

No description

Ashley Westlund

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of biome : reefs

Biome : coarl
Locaion : sea
by : nyah

animal life
somse of the anomals that live in reefs are fish , dolphens and sharks . thes animals have gills to breth the dolphin has gills but it can go up and breth air too but not for to long .
animals and plaants adaptation
ther bodys and roots get used too grow under water . but not all can be at the same place because each plant and animals cant be in too cold or tooi hot if ther thr oppiset
It has hills and trendlis

plants levinis cool because the plants grow under water and the plans name are sedweed , anemones and reffs .
when they wher discoved
I dont know when the where discoverd .
the wethr and climet is
The climet depends wher you are in the North Poal the water is cold and in Forald its hot
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