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The ClickSoftware Solution

No description

Chris Gilmore

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of The ClickSoftware Solution

Service Optimization
Logic Configuration
The ClickSoftware Solution
Enables real-time communication to and from the field
Make decisions from real-time resource location information.
Increase compliance with regulators, all while balancing the interests of customers and shareholders
Background Optimizer
Christopher Gilmore
ClickSoftware Presentation
How can ClickSoftware Provide Value to AE?
Products that address AE "pain points"
Our "track record"
No optimized scheduling
and limited visibility.
No efficient communication between techs and dispatchers.
No real-time data flexibility.
The Right Person
The Right Time
The Right Place
The Right Information
The Right Equipment
Program business logic to make real-time scheduling decisions
Business Value Functions:
Only schedule to technicians that have the skill required for the job
Minimize travel to and from the technician's home base
Give a bonus of "150" if a technician can get two jobs done without requiring travel in between
The Worker process that continually optimizes the schedule.
Can run at night and/or throughout the day
Has the ability to limit the scope of what it can change or move around as the time window closes.
Will always seek better schedules and commit the best one.
Minimize idle time by utilizing available crews and individuals for small maintenance work while ”in the area”
Reduce the number of “false starts” due to prerequisites and customer obligations that aren’t completed
Enables employees to access manuals whenever and wherever required, and provides peace-of-mind that jobs are known to be completed
Restore assets faster with better control and optimization of the responding workforce
Service Calls
Manage our Schedule related business objects
HTML5 based product
Device agnostic
Full offline capabilities
ClickApps functionality (no coding)
One overall, e2e enterprise mobile solution
Detailed location information – stationary or moving, direction, speed and time.
Scheduler services that use location information to support interactive dispatching decisions
Visual mapping of current mobile worker locations
Interactive “Get Closest Resource” wizard for dispatchers
Data retention
Improved service levels, quicker response to emergencies and high-priority events, reduced fuel costs
Who, does What, With what, When, Where, and for Whom?
13M+ people in Central, Coastal and Southern California.
$9B for transmission, substation and distribution infrastructure project between 2007 and 2011.
Prior implementation supported over 75 different homegrown IT systems.
Due to the size and nature of the work at hand, “The situation had to change.”
ClickSchedule Implementation (2,800 crew resources):
360 degree view of field resource availability
360 degree view of capacity and demands
Improved resource utilization
Improved scheduling consistency
Improved ability to meet customer satisfaction
“In my mind ClickSoftware is the best business tool at our disposal to build flexibility into our business model..."
Bord Gáis - 20% increase in utilization.

Diebold - 33% increase in # of calls serviced per day.

Direct Energy - 20% increase in tech utilization.

Gaz Metropolitain Plus - 50% increase in maintenance calls.

Portugal Telecom - 50% reduction in cust complaints.

Vivint - 33% increase in tech utilization.
Some Numbers
17% Average Productivity Gain
2,500 techs
x $50,000
= $125M (FTE cost)
1 more task per week?
4 t/d x 5d = 20t
(5% increase in productivity)
$125M x 5% = $6.25M
$125M x 17% = $21.25M
Additional: fuel, phone, overtime, dispatchers, customer sat, etc
"Lack of automation and optimized scheduling in their dispatching center. The current manual processes being used are inefficient and do not provide the visibility into the schedule that they require."
"Lack of a mobile solution that will allow the field force to communicate, in real-time, with the dispatchers."
"Currently, they do not have visibility into the exact locations of their field workers during the day. They already have GPS-enabled laptop devices and would like to leverage these to help with decision making and taking actions based on actual location information."
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