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Computer History Timeline

No description

Sai Kolanu

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Computer History Timeline

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Computer History Timeline.
By: Sai
The Abacus was the first "computer". The oldest version was invented in Babylonia (now called Iraq). The abacus that is made with wood and beads was made by the Chinese. It was made, because people back then needed a way of counting things more easily than using their fingers.
Now that there is new technology coming out. A lot of people won't want need the abacus anymore(calculators etc..). Now the abacus is used for mental work and caluculating big equations.
Abacus - c. 3000 B.C.E.
Slide rule
The mechanical calculator was called a Pascaline. The device was probably named after Blaise Pascal. The device contained a row of eight rotating gears (or cogs). Each gear had 10 teeth representing the numbers from 0-9. By turning the gear all the way to the right past the number 9 until 0, the number would appear as 1 on the screen on the left. You could use this method to do the basic mathematical equations. A way the Pascaline could be better is that instead of going through all of the numbers to reach 1, we could just spin the gear once to get 1, twice to get 2, etc... We think that the Pascaline is a good and major invention throughout the history of computers, because it is very simple to use and many people would want to use a calculator like this back then.
First mechanical calculator
Inventor: Blaise Pascal

Robert Bissaker
The slide rule is a device that has an outer frame containing numbers. A sliding center piece (that moves horizontally across the slide) also has numbers on it. The use of a slide rule is to do mathematical equations including; multiplication, division, addition, subtraction etc.. A slide rule looks very confusing compared to a calculator. To make the slide rule a bit easier to understand, it could look like a ruler. It might still have the center sliding piece, but when you use different types of operations to calculate and find an answer, it would seem easier without all the other numbers in between.
Resources: http://easyinfo.in/info/computer/computer-evolution.html
PUNCH CARDS WERE INVENTED BY Joseph Marie Jacquard, we don't really use punch cards anymore because now we have more technology like pencil crayons to draw different kinds of patterns, an we have sewing machines to sew different kind of patterns on the clothing matieral, but they were used for weaving different kind of patterns on cards or materials or even to write a message. Punch cards are important because back in the days they did not have seawing machines, or pencil crayon so they used to use punch cards to decorate something even clothing material. Punch cards are unique because its made out of wood and you can make many different kinds of patterns, and write many different kind of messages and its all coming from a wooden rectangular device.
Resources: http://easyinfo.in/info/computer/computer-evolution.html
The Analytical Engine
The person who thought of creating a analytical engine was Charles B Babbage.
The analytical engine is a mechanical digital computer. Even though it was never completed the device it was supposed to use the punch cards to control an automatic calculator (like the ones we have today). Charles Babbage died before he could build it.
The tabulating machine was a machine that automatically calculated the census (the ENTIRE population of an area). The tabulating machine used punch cards to do that. The machine would automatically read the number of holes in the card to determine the actual census. Another way I think the tabulating machine could be used is finding opinions of people or even voting for something (specifically for elections). Personally I think that we should still use the tabulating machine even though it seems a bit too old-fashioned. When we do elections we could use punch cards and punch holes for the number of people that voted for the specific party. Then we could tell the tabulating machine to calculate the number of holes.
Tabulating machine
Inventor:Herman Hollerith
First electronic computer
Inventor:Konrad Zuse
The world's first electronic computer was called Z3. It was the world's first fully functional program-controlled computer. It was a binary computer (There are two binary digits; 0 and 1) and used programs stored on tape. It was also automatic. The device basically has all the modern day computer's features. All the modern electronic computers probably evolved from this one. Maybe this invention was an inspiration for people to make better types of computers.
Inventors: Presper Eckert and John Mauchly
The ENIAC was an all-purpose electronic digital computer. The Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator. It was used by the government for a variety of computing tasks. The ENIAC weighed 30 tons. It was really huge and covered 15,000 square ft.
Credit Card

The credit card was created by Ralph Schneider and Frank Mcnamara, The credit card is so important to many people, alot of people don't want to carry cash around so they store their money in a credit card.
A credit card is unique because you can take money out wnenever you need to, it has cool pictures on it, also it is your identity has your name and signature on the credit card, you can sit in the comfort of your home, and pay your bills. We need credit cards to built your credit for the future ex. morgage buy a car insurances and more. Finally credit cards where made to store your money in when you don't want to cash with you for the safety of someone stealing your purse or wallet.
Super computer
The super computer was created by Seymour Cray. The super computer was called the Cray-1. The Cray-1 was the world's first computer that is capable of processing complicated applications. The super computer was probably a big computer, because the word super computer has the word "super" in it.
The first apple computer
The first apple computer was made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This computer was mostly used by students and schools, because of the graphics and text displays in colour. Just like today, the Apple inventions are a great success, it was like that back then too.
Internet Explorer
Inventor: Microsoft
Internet Explorer is a browser that is still used today. There are newer versions coming in, for example google chrome etc.... It was used a lot and had new updates too.
DVD players

Manufacturers began selling DVD players. They were used for watching videos and movies stored on the discs. DVD stands for (digital video discs)
Pocket calculator
Inventor: Hewlett Packard
Hewlett-Packard invented the scientific pocket calculator. He made not just one, but many types. Some models include a variety of useful functions and some models are capable of doing numerous mathematical performances.
Blackberry wireless
The wireless Blackberry is introduced in 1999.It provides access to e-mail, you can call someone from it, text message, browse the internet and you can also get access to any other Internet services. The Blackberry in 1999 is similar to the Blackberry today. The only difference is back then they didn't have colour for it.
USB flash drives
USB flash drives are small memory cards that are easy to use. They are also portable, since they are small.
A USB can plug into any computer as long as that computer has a USB drive.
New Technologies!
In 2002 there were many new technologies invented.
Digital video cameras and recorders were made. These cameras and recorders allow the users to make and edit high-quality videos. The LCD flat-panel monitors were also made. The monitors a huge difference compared to all the other monitors.
iPod, mp3 players and iTunes
Apple enters the online business with it's iPod, mp3 player and iTunes. During the first year, Apple downloaded 20 million songs at 99 cents each. These inventions quickly developed over time and got turned from iPod shuffle to iPod nano to iPod touch. mp3 players are now mp4 players. iTunes now sell all the biggest hits for more than 99 cents each.
2012 modern inventions
In 2012 there are probably many new inventions that came out this year, but the most obvious one is the iPhone 5 (Apple). The Samsung Galaxy s3 has also been released. There are many more inventions to come in the next few years.
The technologies that were probably the most important are: The abacus, The first mathematical calculator, DVD players and the iPod's and mp3 players . Every Invention is important, because as soon as one invention comes out people start thinking about what to do next. Each invention is unique in its own way. Computers started out as lame and boring, but through out the years it starts to change and become really cool. We use computers for research, communication, pictures, videos, entertainment (such as games), etc...
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