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Continuous Galvanizing Line Automatic Stabilizer Roll Scrapp

No description

abdul Bafaraj

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Continuous Galvanizing Line Automatic Stabilizer Roll Scrapp

Continuous Galvanizing Line
Automatic Scraper For Stabilizer Roll

Mohammed Alsinan
Hassan Alyousef
Abdul Rahman Bafaraj
Deonte Childress
Tom Hotari

Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)
Continuous Cycle
Zinc pot stage
Three Roll system
Sink Roll
Stabilizer Roll
Correcting Roll
Zinc Pot
Al, Zn and Fe
Corrosion Resistance

Problem Definition
Dross formation on stabilizer roll
Creates product defects
Line downtime- 3 weeks
Current Scraper
Scraper improvement
Stabilizer Roll
Engage/ Disengage

Design Parameters
Final Design
Design Challenge
FEA Studies
Recommended shear pin and the performance in normal condition
Dross Removal Mechanism
Zinc Pot Flow Analysis
Linear Actuator

Shear Pin
Modified Scrapers
Final Setup
The MSU team would like to thank Dr. Pourbograt and Mr. Martin Beaver for their guidance and support throughout the project. This project was generously supported by US Steel-Great Lakes Works
Q & A
NX Motion
Future Recommendation
Future Recommendation (Cont)
FEA: First Study
FEA: Further Study
D = 0.2''
Fatigue Life & Safety Factor
Fatigue Life = 19 years
Third Study
First Study
Second Study
Estimated Cost Savings = $650,000
Air Cylinder
FEA: Second Study
Fatigue Life
2000 N
Fatigue Life = 1.5 years
SF = 6.58
SF = 2.6
SF = 0.86
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