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For Fun

No description

Christi Yarbrough

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of For Fun


The Distinct Needs of Children in Poverty Current Issues Interactive Real Life Scenarios Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Part 1 Scenario 2 Part 2 Health Emotional
and Social Educational Conclusion What are some basic
needs of children? What is poverty? What are the causes and effects of poverty? Does poverty
effect education? can't afford to go to the doctor stress Shortens years connect with others self-esteem stability and routine stress levels resources
relate to teachers
extra help other ways poverty can effect learning studies have shown that poverty has an effect on eduction Riley is in Mrs. Franklin's third grade class. At the beginning of the year, the teacher notices how distant Riley is from the other children. Each time lunch money is handed in, Riley sits quietly at her desk; her clothes are plain; she seems to daydream during lessons and her grades are not as high as the other students' are. One day after organizing a day trip to the mountains for science class, Mrs. Franklin pulls Riley aside and asks if she is excited about the trip. Riley responds, "I can't go, ma'am. Daddy has rent." This shocks Mrs. Franklin; the cost of the trip is only $8 per child. She send Riley to the buses and drives home to speak with her husband. Mr. Franklin agrees with his wife; no child should miss opportunities based on money problems. The following week when the money is handed in, Mrs. Franklin slips $8 into an envelope with Riley's name on it. The next month, she meets with Riley's father to discuss her schoolwork and if her home life may be affecting her performance. These meetings continue for five weeks, and as the weeks progess, school supplies appear in Riley's desk. A faculty member at Somewhereville Elememtary School notices the frequent visits of Mr. Harold and notifies the principal, who interviews Mrs. Franklin. After questioning, the administration decides that Mrs. Franklin is involved too heavily in Riley's family and that the aid must stop or she could potentially lose her job. Jack catches Tracey stealing pregnancy products from the drug store. Jack tells Tina about his day, and that he caught a pregnant teen named Tracey stealing from the drug store. Tina recongnizes that it is the same Tracey in her class. Tina is aware of Tracey's home life, but isn't sure how she can help her since she is fairly new at teaching. Tiffany is teased on a daily basis by her classmates because she is poor and her parents are divorced. Her class has been assigned to create a model of the solar system and she continues to work hard on her assigned project. Tiffany sometimes becomes discouraged because no matter how hard she tries, the "rich" students always have more impressive projects because of their resources. Scenario 3 Damion Jennings and Scotty Smith are in the same eight grade math class. During a test, the teacher catches the two boys cheating off one another. After class they are sent to the principal, who disciplines them each and sends Scotty off with a warning. He keep Damion behind and after a lengthy chat, punishes him with two days of suspension.
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