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Potential Solutions to Traffic

No description

Aryan Mathur

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Potential Solutions to Traffic

Potential Solutions to Traffic
Too many cars, not enough highways
Magnetic trains
Although using these types of trains does not affect traffic congestion using this is much more power efficient and can reduce costs greatly prompting commuters to travel by trains instead
Using public transit
Using public transit is one of the most efficient ways of reducing traffic congestion. It's safe, reliable and convenient.
In conclusion there are many possible solutions to reducing traffic congestion. If we all make a small change we can make a big difference. Carpooling, taking buses, and walking or biking to a destination are all possible solutions to reducing traffic congestion.
Even though this may seem small if we all can make this small change to walk or bike when possible it can have a huge impact on traffic congestion.
The Issue!!!
Our increasing population raises the concern of our planet due to the fact that we are becoming heavily dependent on cars. This leads to greenhouse gas emissions that leads to global warming
Traffic congestion due to peak travel periods
Another problem that leads to traffic congestion is that all major company's and industries have around the same work hours for people and this leads to rush hours and longer commutes.
Not enough public Transit
Another problem with our growing population is that there are not enough means of transportation apart from cars. For example trains and buses are both much more efficient and reliable than cars and help reduce traffic congestion.
Bad Drivers and misuse of electronic devices.
Bad driving and the misuse of electronic devices is one of the leading causes of traffic congestion due to the distractions of electronic devices such as phones.

Autopilot cars
Carpooling is a very effective solution to traffic congestion. The more cars off the road the less congestion on roads and highways.
Walking or biking to your destination
Another solution is to have autopilot cars almost like airplanes where a software takes over the plane. This allows to have a continuous speed very safe and reliable
Different working hours
Another solution is to make major company have different operating times so that the public don't have to go to work and come back at the same time, this will result in reducing traffic congestion
Time restrictions on major transport vehicles
Setting up time restrictions for big transport vehicles like trucks, prohibiting them to travel during peak rush hours.
Elevated Buses
Elevated buses is a modern way of transit. It conveys people to their destination like typical subways. It does not interfere in matters of space because the lower body is elevated for other vehicles to drive through
Public transit is improving rapidly but not fast enough for the future
What are some methods to reduce traffic?
By: Joseph, Aryan,
This idea is already being used but not a lot.
Due to strangers, carpooling is almost impossible to increase.
A large amount of the population are lazy and do not want to exercise
Usually people have to get to places at a time limit, so they are not flexible in cases of walking, biking and riding.
Companies and associations can not be satisfied with this time restrictions because it does not match according to their schedules.
If the U.S.B malfunctions the situations can be very dangerous. such as having a car driving to a different destination far away
Again this can most likely effect the schedule of the company/association.
magnets can interfere with other vehicles
This reduces air pollution because less vehicles are used leading to less air pollution.
Does not consist of any air pollution at all, considered green.
very cheap in terms of transit.
Involves more construction
If there are any problems, please contact us with:
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