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what is the process of the water cycle

Ankita Posam

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of THE WATER CYCLE

ankita posam period:4 THE WATER CYCLE three two one evaporation condensation precipitation four run off water cycle evaporation condensation evaporation is the process of a liquid turning into a gas
the liquid can come from plants and this is called transpiration
most of the water comes from the ocean
the gas that the water is turned into is called water vapor precipitation surface run off ground water it happens all over again in full motion the water cycle so basically....... the water cycle Water evaporates (from plants, the ocean, and other bodies of water) as liquid and then turns into water vapor. Then it condenses in the air and becomes a cloud. The could then becomes heavy full of water and it rain. The rain is called precipitation and then the water runs down the surface of mountains and/or seeps into the earth. This is called surface run off and ground water. Then the water that has flowed down the mountain falls into the ocean and the water in the ground is taken into plants roots. After that the whole process starts all over again. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING this is the conclusion of my project condensation is when water vapor condenses and becomes liquid water to form clouds
sometimes the clouds can form close to the ground like fog BIBLIOGRAPHY pictures from google images
video from YouTube
the textbook
my notes
mrs.traynor this is a cycle that has been going on for years

the same water has been cycling on Earth for more than billions of years THE WATER CYCLE when molecules of water in clouds collect into big drops of water, they fall and this is precipitation
hail, snow, rain , and sleet can fall depending on the temperature
any type of liquid or solid that water that falls to Earth's surface is water that flows across the surface of the Earth
when it rains, the water can flow down a mountain and flow into an ocean
this is one way of completing the water cycle ground water is water that has infiltrated(sunk) into the ground
the water in the ground can soaked up into the roots of plants and evaporated again
this is another way of completing the water cycle
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