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Ender's Game Unit Plan; It's All Fun and Games

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Courtney Waldron

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Ender's Game Unit Plan; It's All Fun and Games

Unit Summary
Why Ender's Game?
A Little bit About the Author
Considering Ender's Game?
Essential Questions
This unit plan will focus on what students will be learning throughout the course of the book. Students will be able to participate in a Harkness circle to better the understanding of the books complex ideas and true meaning. Also students will be able to compose short essays displaying their knowledge and comprehension. They will be able to answer thought provoking questions such as, Can genocide ever be justified? While also giving their opinion on, why governments be allowed, or not allowed, to intervene in family issues?

We chose this book because we believe Ender’s Game is extremely relatable to high school students. If you strip the book of the aliens and futuristic problems, you are left with a child who has to deal with being alone, bullied, and doesn’t feel accepted by others. He sits alone at lunch, and is even harassed at home by his jealous siblings. This book reaches out to more than the sci-fy loving peoploe, it is truly a book of all genres.

Orson Scott Card was born in Richland in the state of Washington. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) and once served for two years in Brazil as a missionary for them. He received a degree from Brigham Young University in 1975 and a degree from the University of Utah in 1981.
He is the author of the novels Ender's Game and its sequels, Speaker for the Dead and Ender's Shadow, which are widely read by adults and younger readers, and are increasingly used in schools.
can genocide ever be justified?
Should governments be allowed, or not allowed, to intervene in private family matters?

By: Courtney Waldron
Morgan Ruhlen
Dakota Argetsinger
Ender's Game Unit Plan; It's All Fun and Games
Our unit plan is impressive and engaging. We trust that our It’s All Fun and Games unit plan exceptionally covers all of the standards required for high school level learning. While covering the standards, we also incorporate a few activities that are designed to show not only formative and summative learning, but are creative and fun for the students to do.

participate in a Harkness circle
do small weekly projects
write short essays
use technology to compare their essays with other students
be allowed in class reading
week one- artwork; draw your own setting and two characters from the book interacting in a way they would in the book
week two- create 10 diary entries of a character of your choice and show their feelings going through what you’ve read
week three- create your own dystopian society
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