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Tayler Walker 2W2 My Summer

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of Tayler Walker 2W2 My Summer

Holiday My Summer I went on holiday to
Scarborough, and I was swimming in the sea! I only went for 3 nights because it was ment to be camping! I almost got on a Horse!
I seen my friend Lauren White there aswell! It was funny. When i was there i went to Flamingo Land! :D Skyfest! I went to Skyfest just after my holiday and Chris&Wez were there performing, so was Akai. There both from Got to Dance. I went on all the rides! My little cousin went on a horse! Circus! I went to an Acrobatic circus. It was really good.There was Ninja's and men climbing up a piece of ribbon and sliding down it on there feet! It was amazing! I went to my dads alot through the summer holidays. He lives in Deans.We went through to Edinburgh so that my dad could look after his friends children because Tracy was in hospital having an operation as she has Crohn's Disease! Sadley both of her daughters have it aswell,but they are only at the early stages. I stayed at my friends houses and my cousins! I stayed with my cousin Amy and My cousin/Friend Danielle the most.Well except from my dads! I went swimming with my cousin Calan loads through the summer! We went to bubbles most of the time except for one time when it was raining so we just walked upto Inveralmond.
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