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The Giver

No description

Diana Jones

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of The Giver

"Then all of the citizens had been ordered to go into the nearest building and stay there. IMMEDIATELY, the rasping voice through the speakers had said. Instantly, obediently, Jonas had dropped his bike on the path.....and run indoors (20).
Masterful language sets up this cold, bleak, emotionless setting.
"The evening proceeded as all evenings did in the family unit, in the dwelling, in the community: quiet, reflective, a time for renewal....it was different only in the addition to it of the newchild with the pale, solemn knowing eyes."
Meet the 1994 Newbery Award winner!
The Giver
by Lois Lowry
a science fiction masterpiece
The Giver in a few
A Summary

1994 Newbery Winner
The Giver
by Lois Lowry

PLOT - twists, turns, conflicts, resolution?
Years before dystopian novels were all the rage, Lois Lowry conceived of a mind-boggling concept: create a utopian world - "no place" - and then slowly lead readers on a circuitous path of uncovering how it really is a dystopia.
"Jonas frowned. "The whole world? I don't understand.....I don't know what you mean when you say the whole world... I though there was only us. I thought there was only now."
"The next morning, for the first time, Jonas did not take his pill. Something within him, something that had grown there through the memories, told him to throw the pill away" (129).
"Jonas has not been assigned," she informed the crowd and his heart sank. Then she went on. "Jonas has been
" (60).
"The Giver signed. "You're right," he said. "But then everyone would be burdened and pained. They don't want that." "When did they decide that?" Jonas asked angrily. "It wasn't fair. Let's change it!" (113)
"Once more, toward dawn, the newchild woke and cried out. Again Jonas went to him. This time he quite deliberately placed his hand firmly on Gabriel's back and released the rest of the calming day on the lake" (116).
In an effort to achieve perfection, what does one give
"The Giver told him that him that it would be a very long time until he had the colors to keep. "But I want them!" Jonas said angrily. "It isn't fair that nothing has color!" "Not fair?" The Giver looked at Jonas curiously (97).
The chief elder moved ahead to her speech. "This is the time," she began, looking directly at them, "when we acknowledge differences. You elevens have spent all of your years til now learning to fit in, to standardize your beahvior....." (51).
Lois Lowry's The Giver excels in ALL of the Newbery criteria.
was not only unique for the time in which it was written, but it still remains unique today!
The essence and the success of The Giver comes from the

a place to which no one with any inside knowledge would ever want to go.
As Jonas becomes
, then
, then downright
readers, too, push the boundaries of their thinking when considering so many critical

Flashbacks, foreshadowing, connotative language,
, mood and
are just a few ways she exceptionally
her tale.
And Jonas is a
few will soon forget; his transition from
citizen to unsung
is both magical and frightening.
All cheer the Newbery committee for their excellent 1994 selection!
With its bleak and frightening setting, unexpected, disarming plot and thought provoking themes,
The Giver
was a powerful selection for the 1994 Newbery Medal winner.

Seemingly, some time in the future, a "utopian" society is formed with incredibly specific rules governing all aspects of the lives of the citizens in the community. Basically, the citizens have little or no control over their lives, few choices, and minimal independence. At what they refer to as the "Ceremony of Twelve," Jonas, the protagonist, is
for a unique assignment. As a result, Jonas' life changes exponentially and with his new
, numerous, intimidating conflicts and realizations arise which lead him to question everything he has ever known, inspiring him to take some very dramatic action.
Setting is the driving force in The Giver.
Harrowing themes entice readers to think deeply.
Dramatic rising action, taunting twists and unnerving conflicts creates a plot that keeps readers riveted.
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