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Tree of inspiration prezi template 21975

Available at Prezzip.com. Tree of inspiration prezi template. Create your own tree, inspire yourself.

Your Prezis

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Tree of inspiration prezi template 21975

Many more templates available at:
Create your own tree, inspire yourself
Teachers Unite 2013-14
Almost there.
dont forget
the leafs
Lets start our journey here.
Just insert your own text.
How about some icons & figures.
There's plenty of space to insert some icons.
You're in control.
ZOOM into detail.
There are placeholders enough to tell your story
your presentation
Another placeholder.
Creating a professional looking prezi was never that easy.
Dear Friends:

Our members embody a new vision for what teaching could look like.

Teachers Unite members are community and labor organizers, who demonstrate a passionate approach to how children develop and learn through their lives. I am lucky because my job gives me the insight to know that the bold educators in TU work with tens of thousands of New York City children and young people every day. This past school year they led conference workshops, member meetings, and school visits that reached hundreds more teachers seeking a courageous community with whom to explore complex questions about oppression, resistance and self-determination in public education.

“Because of the support I get at Teachers Unite, I am able to be a better teacher. Through Teachers Unite I am reminded that my work in the classroom is directly linked to my work outside the classroom, and ultimately, that my students and I are in this struggle together to make school more relevant and just.” – Kate Rubenstein, TU Organizing Council member

Over the course of the 2013/2014 school year, our Organizing Council—NYC educators who practice restorative justice, support colleagues to change school culture, and steer TU’s growth—has doubled in size from five to ten members. Through Teachers Unite school partnerships and workshops, they supported half a dozen schools this year to dramatically change how they approach community building and discipline.

In the Dignity in Schools Campaign, our members were key advocates—meeting throughout the year with at least twenty NYC Council Members and XXX members of U.S. Congress to tell their stories about the impacts of criminalization on their students as well as the transformative effects of implementing restorative practices in their schools.

In August of 2013, Teachers Unite produced the
Growing Fairness
documentary that gives a voice to some of these educators who are shifting their school cultures from punitive to positive. Since then, thousands of educators, young people and allies from across the continent have viewed the film and many have started this work in their own schools. To support them, our members shared over 200 pages of inspiring reflections, lesson plans, and other resources in our sought-after online toolkit released just this spring.

We need your help to change the story about who NYC teachers are and what they care about! Share our members’ stories on Facebook or Twitter, and let your colleagues and friends know about the
Growing Fairness
documentary, toolkit and school partnerships.

Our members work to build a movement of educator-leaders who collaborate with parents and students to abolish mass incarceration as well as transform schools into caring communities that empower students to develop their skills to their fullest potential.

When I imagine a school system staffed completely by educators like the ones I get to work with in Teachers Unite, another New York City seems very possible. This year, join us as we continue the struggle to transform schools and communities.

Executive Director
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