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Interview Presentation

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Daniel Lyttle

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Interview Presentation

Parkside: Past, Present, and Future
9 Years Ago (05-06): Where We Were
Student Achievement Low


Outdated materials

Lack of resources

Lack of technology

Safety of students and adults questionable:
Issues with violence, gang activity, weapons, drugs, alcohol, theft, vandalism

Poor Public Perception
Need for Comprehensive Reform
Let's Move Into the 21st Century
Purchased and launched the first wireless network in the district

Worked with Apple to bring technology and PD to Parkside

Re-designed the district web presence

Instituted School Loop

Co-authored district Master Technology Plan

Provided certificated and classified training on Powerschool
Preparing Our Students
Worked to create consistent vertical articulation

Aligned math program

Aligned writing program

Instituted AVID program

Parkside's Science program created change

Better achievement at high school
Instituted School Uniforms

Instituted Disciplinary Systems

Began a pathway for educational reform with focused PD around EL instruction

Placed students in courses based on ability with stratified offerings in ELA and Math

Engaged assistance from SBPD, Juvenile Probation, San Mateo County Gang Task Force
Where We Are
API increased 73 points

Comprehensive School Reform

Academic Teams

Common Core Implementation

Project Based Learning

GAFE Implementation

3:1 Device Implementation

Rebuilt Parkside

Revitalized Music Program
Moving Forward
Piloting CPM for CCSS Math

Working with SMCOE for PD

SVMI Membership

Common Core Writing Focus

Next Generation Science Standards

20% Project

Presentation of Learning

Increased Parent Involvement
How Did It Happen?
Starts with building the team

Hiring quality people

Giving teachers the freedom to experiment

Failed experiments are opportunities for learning

Treat teachers like professionals

Remembering why we are here

Welcoming and inviting parents

Removing as many obstacles for parents, teachers, and children

Seeing the positive in every single person and trusting them
My Qualifications
20 Years as an Educator

13 Years in Middle School

Committed to San Bruno

Leading Edge Certified Trainer

Background in Project Based Learning from High Tech High: San Diego

Positive relationship with Board of Trustees

Positive relationship with City, Park and Rec, SBPD, North County Fire

Co-authored district strategic plan for CCSS implementation

CCSS Trained in Math, Language Arts
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