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Carlos' ELA Project: A poem experience

This is my ELA project about one of my favorite poems.

Carlos Rosario

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Carlos' ELA Project: A poem experience

The amazing Prezi I Hope You enjoy! In conclusion, "daddy fell into the pond" is a great poem, with a funny story that uses a number of poetic devices, and is a poem meant to entertain, and it does that very well, in my opinion. What fist seemed like a lame and boring poem, turned out to be a good overall poem. Thank you for watching! Created by Carlos Rosario, using Prezi My first reaction when I heard the title, was that it would be a very boring and stupid; But when I heard the rest of the poem, I realized that it wasnt as rediculous as I thought at first. In fact, I found it very funny. How I discovered this poem I first discovered this poem when Sarah decided to read this as her daily poem. I found it very amusing. It used lots of imagery for example, when it says: Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee, And doubled up, shaking silently, And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft And is sounded as if the old drake laughed.
That part put an image in my head of what was going on. Why I chose this poem As previously mentioned , I heard this poem, and it made me laugh. I found it very amusing. It was one of my top 3 poem, all of them were funny. Another reason that i chose this one over the others, is because it used a viarity of language, instead of using the same language. It also used a lot of imagrey. A Poem Experience Results Video Reaction: First Reaction By Carlos Rosario My selected poem: Daddy fell into the pond
By: Alfred Noyes Through out this presentation, I will recite my poem, then include a video reaction, then what my first reaction was. Then I will put in some more stuff, continue to see what comes next! Now Playing: Daddy fell into the pond.
(recited by carlos rosario) How this poem effected my life This poem didnt really impact my life that much....

It just gave me something to laugh about :) Press Play To play the video How this poem uses poetic devices Daddy fell into
the pond Sensory Language: "Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey. We had nothing to do and nothing to say. We were nearing the end of a dismal day"
Aspects of narrative poetry It has a setting (pond). It had a problem (dad fell in the pond) Except the plot seems incomplete. I feel that it lacks some details; which keeps it from being a full narrative poem Inspired by the poem:

Daddy Fell Into the Pond
by: Alfrey Noyes
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