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Ed Sheeran

All a sheerio needs to know

Zolange García

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Ed Sheeran

Life, Actually... +Sang in a church choir with his mother from the age of four.
+His first guitar was given to him as a gift by his uncle.
+Ed initially taught himself, before going on to have proper music lessons. +In 2008, Ed Sheeran moved to London to follow his music career.
+He played 312 gigs in 2009! +It was here he began to tour constantly, sleeping on fans' sofas every night after his gigs.
+Worked as a guitar tech for British folk duo. +On September 12th, 2011, Atlantic Records released Sheeran's debut studio album, +. Which reached #1 on the UK album chart.

+His second single, 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' was released on 28th August 2011, which hit number four on the UK Singles Chart.
+His official website is edsheeran.com A Dream That Became True His Music, A Reality... More Reasons To Say He Is Flawless... +Ed has six guitars – Cyril, Nigel, Felix, Lloyd, Jasper & Trev.
+His favorite color is blue but he prefers orange for his music. +http://www.artistfacts.com/detail.php?id=2767
http://wizzley.com/ed-sheeran/ +He once said that if he had backup dancers he would like them to be penguins from Madagascar. +He is 21 years old
+Doesn’t have a drivers license
+Elton john is his fan
+His shoe size is 10 +Loves cats
+He considers that he hasn’t yet written his best song.
+He calls his fans Sheerios +The song he likes to perform the most is “Give Me Love” +His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.
+Ed Sheeran is an English singer and song writer.
+Was raised in Framlingham in Suffolk.
+His parents are Irish and English. +He was born on 17th of February, 1991 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. +Shares the same birthday as Paris Hilton. +Started recording music in 2005, and released The Orange Room, that same year. +Ed was accepted into the national Youth Music Theatre at the age of 15. +He moved to London at the age of 16. +Ed's first single was 'The A Team' which placed number three on the UK Singles Chart. +In 2012, Ed won two BRIT Awards for the Best British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough of the Year. +'The A Team' sold over 58,000 copies in it's first week.
+The video for 'The A Team' was done for only £20! +He loves legos, but gave them to charity. +He went against his manager just to give “Little Things” to One Direction.
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