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Agnes Lebovics

No description

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Agnes Lebovics

Agnes Lebovics
Agnes's Life
Agnes's life was pretty good. Her parents, Mor and Marketa Lebovics, were wealthy stock dealers. Agnes was born April 13, 1939 in Chust, Czechoslovakia. Two years later, Eva was born. On May 26,1944, Agnes was killed in Auschwtz camp in a gas chamber.
Agnes's Life
Auschiwitz Camp Entrance
Life Before Camp
Chust, Czechoslovakia
Agnes was a baby when Hungary took over Czecholovakia. Her father was sent to work in a camp, but was allowed home to visit. In 1944, a soldier tried to pull her earing from her ear. Later, they had to leave and left behind their dog, Boombi.
Agnes Lebovics
By Suzanne Woodberry
4th Academic
Due Date: 9/25/13
Agnes Lebovics
Life Before And after camp
Eva lebovics
Gas chamber
Life in Camp
Agnes'smother tried to save them by putting them in another line. When Agnes and Eva called out for their mom, the plan back fired. Her mother was beaten and Agnes, Eva, her grandmother, and great grandmother were killed in a gas chamber in 1944.
If Agnes had not been killed, she would be 74 today. She suffered what no child her age should have for that particular reason. She might have changed the way many soldiers thought. I wonder why they didn't kill her mother. Maybe to teach her a lesson.
Reflections part 2
I also wonder why her dad was allowed home even though he worked at a camp. I wonder where he was in all of this. I feel very bad about what happened. i am sympathetic for her mother. She tried to save them, but failed and got them killed.
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