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Jon Abian for President

No description

Sofie Vizulis

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Jon Abian for President

Jon Abian
-Moderate Democrat, Working man/Common but knows difficulties of minorities
-43 years old, thorough understanding of logic and life skills.
-Has 3 brothers and 3 sisters, large family, appeals to conservative families
-Grew up below middle class, but above poverty line
-Currently married with 1 daughter, has personal responsibilities
-Home State: Sacramento, California. Has a home state advantage and is US Citizen while also being differently cultured.

1. Energy
Electoral College Strategy
Image by Tom Mooring
Platform Planks
JON ABIAN - 2014
2. Social Security
Jon Abian is strongly in support of keeping Social Security in the hands of the government. He will do whatever it takes to make sure Social Security does not become controlled by privatized companies who care more so for money than the care of the nation's people. His first policy in regards to social security is to increase the trust fund for social security, ensuring it can keep supporting current and future beneficiaries. All working classes would take part in supporting social security. Those who support now will be rewarded later when it is their time to collect.
On top of this, Abian would raise the retirement to age 70 in order to ensure retired individuals can keep having benefits for years and years because raising the retirement age would add enough money to social security funding to ensure the program's continuation and success. In increasing the age, more money will be pushed into the funds and can be dispersed into individuals who qualify. The funds will not deplete as fast and retirement can be assured for many American workers. Once their time of work is complete, they will be rewarded with the benefits of social security that they worked hard to earn.
3. Immigration
Abian wants to develop a plan to reform immigration that is fair to both current citizens and immigrants. He seeks to find a moral solution to the current immigration problems. His idea is to first work on securing the border to prevent more and more people from coming here illegally. The border will be more strictly enforced to prevent people from trying to come over illegally, but it will be more accessible and capable of crossing over legally. We do not wish to stop people from crossing, but we want it in a more formal manner. After that he wants to make it easier for immigrants to obtain a legal status in American and to come to the US legally. They would not have to have been a US resident, but have basic knowledge of its history. They will take a basic English test so that they can assimilate easier into American society and its workforce. They will not be prosecuted for being an immigrant, but welcomed for it. Illegal immigrants will be given a chance to take a citizenship test, and none will be deported unless found guilty of serious offenses. Illegal immigrants on deportation lists will be removed and given a citizenship test to acquit them.
-Graduated U.S. Naval Academy with degree in Quantitative Economics
-Navy veteran and officer for 8 years
-Stanford after Navy for 8 years of Law School
Stump Speech
Our candidate believes we need to take steps to develop, clean, renewable energy, like solar and wind power in order to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and oil in general, and to help preserve our environment. To do this, we must take spending from less necessary areas and divert it into the development of more solar and wind power plants. More clean energy plants will mean more clean energy and more jobs for Americans. There will not be a limit, or regulations on the use of oil, just other means for energy use. Our second policy will be one that offers rewards, like tax breaks to families that switch to powering their homes with solar or wind energy. It is not a requirement to switch, but it is rewarding to do so, for the consumer and the planet. We do not want to rely solely on the use of oil and nonrenewable fuels, but bring in new methods of energy consumption that will be better for the Earth. Oil can, and still will be used, but compensation will be had for those who switch over to cleaner energy sources such as wind and solar.
Hello I am Jon Abian and I would like to share some of my political ideas with you that are important to me. The struggle to find a solution to the energy crisis is becoming more and more of a problem each and every day. I believe that through the use of wind and solar energy, we can combat the issue and create a better tomorrow for future generations. By putting money into wind and solar, we can create jobs for hardworking Americans and help provide the much cleaner energy this country deserves. The clear solution to help the country's environmental issue is to provide a cost effective alternative that is also beneficial to the environment. In offering tax breaks for those who switch to cleaner energy methods, many will see it as an incentive to transition into cleaner energy use, and in turn create a cleaner environment. Together, we can reduce our dependance on foreign oil and help preserve the environment.
Another crisis we must divert our attention to is our position on social security. In our current state, many Americans rely solely on social security for survival and it is the only way to make ends meet. If the change of ownership went from the government to privatized companies, many Americans would lose the help they so desperately need. American workers would lose retirement benefits and must worker longer and longer into their years to get a fraction of the benefits they once were promised. No person should lose out on social security due to a switch of management, and I promise to secure those entitled to social security and make it stronger for our next generation and more to come in order to keep my people protected.
Lastly, as a country, we must face the elephant in the room, immigration. It has been a long standing issue that many are too afraid to approach, but I believe we can tackle this issue together as a nation. As a land founded by immigrants, it is our duty to protect those who come in search for a better life. Instead of rejecting those who flee their homes, we should welcome them with open arms to ensure their safety and success, and a place to call "home." To do this, we must increase border security, whilst reducing the requirements in order to become a citizen. This will make it so more people are welcomed into the country and not persecuted for coming over, as well as open new doors for immigrants to become legal, American citizens.

For Sure:
District of Columbia
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Total Votes: 175
Pretty Sure:
New Hampshire
New Mexico
Total Votes: 66
Battleground States:
Colorado (4)- To tip the support in favor of the Democrat party in Colorado, Abian is focusing on paving the way to an improved energy system. The many environmentalists that desire to use Colorado's energy more efficiently will be drawn to Abian's ideas for using alternative forms of fuel and lessening the dependence on oil.
Florida (29)- Florida's population has exploded in the past 60 years and its electoral importance has grown with it. Influxes of Cubans, retirees, and service workers have resulted in a more diversified state - both economically and politically - making it the ultimate battleground state. Since Florida holds a whopping 29 electoral votes, our candidate must be able to get their support to secure a Democratic lead. By focusing on strengthening policy in the realm of immigration and social security Abian will gain the support of Florida's large elder and immigrant population.
Iowa (6)- Iowa is a must-win because of it's leading power of wind energy. It is currently the country's highest generated in wind power. In 2013, 27.4% of the state's electricity came from wind power. It has as much as over 2 times as California's windpower capacity per square kilometer at 35.8, compared to California's 14.4.
Nevada (6)- Nevada’s number one concern is the economy. As the nation’s leader in unemployment rate, it is important to create new jobs that will help them. Abian will be able to accomplish this through clean energy. With new energy sources, new projects must be created in order to fulfill these new policies. He will gain a strong appeal to the Latino voters in his policies on immigration and it may be enough to overwhelm the votes and take the state.
Ohio (18)- It is a must-win for the future president. If the state is won, can afford to lose states with lesser votes such as Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado without losing too much ground. Ohio has voted the winning candidate correctly since 1960. More of a superficial reason over factual. Very industrial, will support the creation of new jobs as a result of switching to cleaner energy sources.
Virginia (13)- Due to its size, it is very important to win for the upcoming president. It has also chosen the winning president for the past four elections. If Abian can gain the support of black voters, he can gain a boost in the presidential polls, enough to push him over the edge and win the state. A significant amount of college students and younger voters could help sway the vote into Abian's favor given the deeply conservative state. Economy is their top concern in Virginia and that could be helped out with cleaner energy sources and the creation of new jobs. Another issue Abian could relate is not just the financial issues, but the culture and social issues. If his immigration policies were spread publicly, many of the young voters would see him in good light and would turnout for his vote.
Wisconsin (10)- State level politics around collective bargaining gave Wisconsin a higher profile heading into the 2012 election, increasing its significance. Though Democrats have won the last 7 elections, the recent battles have been extremely close. It is likely, however, for Abian to be able to keep ahold on the Democratic support. The large middle class of Wisconsin would be attracted to keeping the Social Security program in the hands of the government because privatizing it would threaten the financial security of those vulnerable to economic instability.
No Chance:
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
Total Votes: 110
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