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Why Run?

No description

Lianne W-M

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Why Run?

Why Run?
A.They want to tryout!
B.Too lazy or not interested at all
C.They tried out before didn't make it and gave up
D.Didn't feel good enough therefore they didn't bother

What usually happens?
After hearing about tryouts...
Cross Country Team 2012
Cross Country Team
I'd like to thank my xc and track family! because if it weren't for them I wouldn't have worked as hard or even had a team but it was possible with everyone's hard work and effort!

By:Lianne Wing-Martins
Due Wed.Nov 6,2013.
Most people will join to....
Meet new people
Experience & memories
Miss school
Stay fit
They enjoy running
Makes them happy
Relieve stress
Win prizes
Achieve goals
Improvements (PBs)
Prove people wrong
Have fun

There WILL be difficulties! It's not gonna be easy, but only you have the power to overcome it by...
Working hard
Being dedicated
Staying positive
Pushing yourself even when you feel like giving up
Telling yourself to keep going
Remembering why you started
Reminding yourself you are NOT a quitter!
Why do you keep going even when
you've achieved your goal?
I'm NO quitter!
To be a good role model for your teammates
You can never run out of goals
To maintain what you've started
If you love it you won't stop, but instead make time for it
YOU CAN, you're healthy and capable, and appreciate the fact that you're able to run
Haters believed you weren't capable
You're passionate about running!
"Train hard, Win easy!"
I hope I was able to inspire you to run, or even to pursue your dreams!
What it's really all about!
A Runners high
The feeling you get when you...
PB (Personal Best)
Finish a race
Improve your ability to run
Beat someone in a race
Help your team win a banner or make it to the next stage such as OFSAA/Provincial/National level
Went your hardest & feel like you killed it because you know you tried your best & gave it your all!
The rush you feel after you run & your hearts pounding & your heavy breathing that gets everyone asking if you're okay? & your like yeah I'm fine!
Win medals!
Make your dreams a reality!
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