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STEMming Our Way Through ELA

No description

Patricia Wells

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of STEMming Our Way Through ELA

STEMming Our Way Through ELA
*Solving Real World Problems

*Follow the Design Thinking Process

*Practice the 4 C's of STEM
Critical thinking
Animals in Video
How would making improvements on the _______ , solve real world problems?
manta ray
Other Current Animals
Essay Format:
I. Paragraph 1
a. Introduction and hook
i. Background information
II. Paragraph 2
a. body
i. How will this solve real world problems?
III. Paragraph 3
a. Body
i. What improvement did your group make?
IV. Paragraph 4
a. Conclusion
i. Sell your product – What are it’s uses?
ii. Why would buyers want to purchase this?
Learning Targets:
Think of problems in the world. What are ways we can fix those problems with our animals?
Don't limit your animal. For example: If it can't climb a tree in nature, why can't you design your mechanimal to climb a tree?
What are some problems that exist in the world?
Poster Outline
1. Illustration-draw or take a picture
2. Product Name- Something catchy
3. Special Features-What does it do?
4. Uses-What real world problem did your mechanimal solve?
5. Benefits-What does this help?
6. Why Buy?
7. Slogan- catchy phrase- Nike "Just Do It"
SALES ENGINEER: (median salary = $92,000)
Are you a math and science fan who also loves the challenge of persuading others. If you like knowing how things work, but would rather travel and talk to others than spend time in a lab, this could be the career for you. Sales engineers use their background in engineering to sell complex products and services. They also help customers choose, customize, and, troubleshoot products.
The Fast Track to Becoming a Sales Engineer.
1. Get good grades
2. In high school, go for challenging math and science courses, including calculus, physics, and chemistry.
3. Practice your skills of persuasion on the debate team and in speech and drama.
4. Go to a four-year college with a major in engineering
5. Gains sales experience
6. You’re a sales engineer!

ZOOLOGIST: (median salary = $69,000)
Are you the kid who’s always begging to go to the zoo, and dreams of one day going on a safari? Are you into snakes, frogs, turtles, and spiders? Or maybe wolves and wild cats are more your speed. Whichever animal strikes your interest, zoologists make a living studying them. Generally they focus on a specific type of animal and study that species’ population, health, habitat, behaviors, and characteristics.
The Fast Track to Becoming a Zoologist.
1. Get good grades
2. Take advanced biology
3. Go to a four-year college with a major in zoology, biology, or ecology, completing internships
4. Graduate school for a master’s degree in zoology
5. You’re a zoologist!

TIPS and pointers for next time:
*Supplies for each group:
-tape, glue, scissors, markers, paint, colored paper
*One person from each group gets supplies, pick own groups
* hot glue gun?
Students can bring: pipe cleaners, duct tape, shoe boxes
*More time, one more class period for preparing for presentation
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