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Hong Kong by Jennifer

No description

Patricia Johnson

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Hong Kong by Jennifer

Hong Kong Trip!
Hong Kong Activities!
So you might wonder," What can you do there?" Well, I have suggestions that will save you from getting bored in the hotel room. These are a few ideas:
Times Square in Hong Kong
Ocean Park
Big Buddha
Times Square Mall
It has sixteen stories with plenty of restaurants to eat in.
There are many shops to go to so don't worry that we won't have any souvenirs.
Times Square Mall is in the heart of Causeway Bay.
The construction estimated to cost around 2 billion Hong Kong dollars.
Hong Kong!!!!
Hong Kong Activities & More!
By Jennifer Huang
Hong Kong!
The weather there will be hot. Here are some temperatures.
These are a few pictures of the hotel we are staying in and the airport in Hong Kong:
Ocean Park
Ocean Park has a year round aquarium.
You can learn about the three different dolphins that are all extinct.
Visitors are able to see alive dolphin babies up close.
Learn about amazing reptiles, such as the Chinese Alligator and Philippine Crocodile
The Big Buddha
There are three halls under the statue.
There are six offerings that are all different, but they all have meanings.
It was made out of 202 pieces of bronze.
The Big Buddha took three years to build.
Big Buddha
I hope that now you know what you can do in Hong Kong. If you forgot what they are, here they are again:
Times Square Mall
Ocean Park
Big Buddha
In this, I learned more than I actually wanted to learn, such as making my own prezi and all about Hong Kong!
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