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HBR Case Study: An ERP Story

No description

Linyao Wang

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of HBR Case Study: An ERP Story

Case 1 Team Members Brief Overview of Case Question1
What are the project's main characteristics and challenges identified by Jen Roberge? Summary and Recommendations
Title: HBR Case: An ERP Story: Background (A)

Author: Case prepared by
German Bernier
Vital Roy
Eric Brunelle Introduction: Linyao

Overview of Case: Christine

Case question: Latoya and Lorraine

Summary: Dari - Business context

- Current systems/processes

- Decision to launch IMSP Project

- Searching for a project manager Sales & marketing data difficult to consolidate
Simplifying redundant, incompatible applications into integrated system
Facilitate employee mobility from a single interface
Harmonize all varying accounting & financial processes
Redefine a single HR management approach
Create single, national marketing vision
& web presence - Improve communication with Business units
- Use one business unit as a pilot
- Measure value at the end of each month
- Arrive at a consensus for uniformity of data
- Hire account Manager with relevant experiences HBR Case Study 1 Question 2
In your opinion, does the project have other characteristics or challenges that Jean Roberge did not identify that should also be taken into account? Preparing the IT department to be a strategic player in the organization, not just order takers or app developers.
The "W" effect in Delivering IT Value
Project team needs more than IT specialists
Virtuous Communication Cycle
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