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Types of Government(Disney Style)

No description

Michelle Marker

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Types of Government(Disney Style)

Your map to present-day U.S. Government Hunt for the Perfect Government Hercules and Greek Government The first government. Ever. BUT, they were the first to introduce the idea of DEMOCRACY in Athens.

hint: the Founding Fathers thought the Greeks were SUPER smart! The Greeks were really ruled under a type of monarchy... Cinderella became a princess when she married Prince Charming. Kings and Queens are the leaders in countries that are governed by MONARCHIES.

Do you know of a country that still has a monarch? Ok, for the first TYPE of government, let's talk about a REAL monarchy.
Remember this? One type of government operates based on theology, or religion.
Certain countries wanted their religious leaders to be the leaders of their countries, and they wanted the rules of their religions to be the laws for their people. Theocracy Most Native American groups were organized into groups called tribes. Native Americans were the first known people to live in the Americas. Pocahontas: what type of government do you think Native Americans used? This is a commercial for the movie, The Prince of Egypt. It is the story of how the people of Egypt began to follow the "chosen" leader, Moses, instead of following the king. Aristocracy is the rule of the people by an elite, or privileged group of people. The upper class has all the power, and individual people don't have a say in how government operates. Aristocracy The Aristocats is a movie about a slumming tom cat helping a millionairess mother cat and her three little kittens explore life outside of the comfort of their extravagant home. Countries under totalitarian rule are those whose government is ruled by a single political party. This type of government does not allow for the individual to have a say in how government operates. In a totalitarian ruling country, those who do not follow the party may be exiled or in some cases, killed. Totalitarian Rule Ok, so it's not a Disney movie, but The Hunger Games is a movie about kids being forced to do certain things by a totalitarian style government. The government of the United States is based on a form of democracy. Democratic governments allow their people to participate in the way the government operates (voting for officials, having rights that the country must protect, etc. The U.S. is actually a democratic republic, meaning that we vote for a group of people to choose our government leaders. DEMOCRACY (Democratic Republic) This video is also not a Disney movie, but it does a great job of introducing some democratic VALUES, which we will be learning more about soon.
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