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Corporate Overview Jul-13 HR

No description

Maria Santos

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Overview Jul-13 HR

Expansion of Sabadell into the US
Our Growth Story
Sabadell Overview
The History of Sabadell
A group of 127 businessmen and traders from Sabadell, Spain founded the Bank together to finance local industry with raw materials (wool and coal) under more favorable conditions.

The bank preserves its independence, focuses on commercial activity, expands throughout Spain and pioneers online banking technology.

Originally built by business partners to provide financing to one another, over our 130 year history we have remained true to our roots.

Fernando Perez-Hickman
Chairman, Sabadell Americas

Mario Trueba
President & CEO,
Sabadell United Bank

1881- 1978
We have prudently grown assets eight times in the past six years of operation, organically and via acquisition.

Our bank is unique in that we can service individuals and corporations both domestic and international of all profiles to holistically meet all of their needs.
Full service bank for both domestic & international clients

8.0* Billion in assets
22 branches
630 employees
34,000+ clients

Sabadell's Divisions
The bank operates via three divisions, each with strong areas of specialty for dedicated client types.

Sabadell United Bank
Domestic commercial bank for professionals, businesses & corporations

3 Billion in assets
18 Branches
447 employees
34,000 clients

Sabadell Bank & Trust

Domestic wealth management & private banking

0.8 Billion in assets
5 Branches
67 employees
2,000 clients

Sabadell International Branch

International banking for corporations & high net worth individuals

4.2* Billion in assets
1 Branch
116 employees
1,000 clients

Sabadell’s Products & Services Offering
We are a full-service bank, able to meet all of your banking, service, lending or advisory needs.

Sabadell’s Values
Sabadell United Factsheet
Sabadell Bank & Trust Factsheet
Grupo Banco Sabadell
Spanish bank established in 1881.
Fourth largest Spanish banking group.
Dedicated to commercial banking with significant concentration in corporate and personal banking clients of medium to high net worth.
2,339 branches and 17,253 employees worldwide.

Banco Sabadell in the World
Banco Sabadell opens an international
branch in Miami, Fl.

Banco Sabadell acquires Miami-based
Transatlantic Bank.

Banco Sabadell Miami Branch acquires BBVA International Private Banking in Miami, Fl.

Banco Sabadell acquires Miami-based Mellon United National Bank creating its local domestic bank: Sabadell United Bank.

Banco Sabadell
is Formed
The first international branch
is opened in London.
United National Bank is formed in Miami, Fl.

Sabadell United Bank acquires the Lydian Private Bank business based in Palm Beach, FL creating Sabadell Bank & Trust.

Sabadell United Bank becomes Florida's sixth largest bank as measured by deposits

Banco Sabadell Miami Branch acquires Lloyds’ private banking business in Miami.

Key Facts (millions of dollars)
Total Assets
Loan portfolio (gross)
Assets under Management (AuM)
Net Profit

Our Mission
Locations in Florida
Sabadell Bank & Trust

Sabadell Financial Center, Miami
Palm Beach
North Palm Beach

Branches – Sabadell United:

Sabadell Financial Center, Miami
Bird Road, Miami
Biscayne Tower, Miami
Coral Gables
Dadeland, Miami
Doral, Miami
Douglas, Miami
Downtown, Miami
South Miami
Miami Lakes
Miami Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Boca Raton
West Palm Beach
Tampa Bay

Our Vision

Sabadell United Bank, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a locally-managed, nationally-chartered banking institutions with its own strong capital base in the United States.

The bank has 22 locations throughout Florida, serving over 37,000 clients. Sabadell United Bank is comprised of a premier personal and commercial bank as well as a robust wealth management business. The bank is recognized for providing trusted financial advice to professionals, businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Sabadell United is a subsidiary of Banco Sabadell, a global banking institution founded in 1881 that operates as the fourth largest bank in Spain
Sabadell United Bank Key Metrics:

Full Service Offices: 22
Assets: $3.6 billion
Deposits: $2.9 billion
5th Largest Florida-based Bank by Deposits
Tier-1 Core Capital Ratio: 11.15 %
Bauer Financial Bank Rating: Five Stars (highest)
Sabadell United Bank Key Metrics:
Full Service Offices: 22
Assets: $3.6 billion
Deposits: $2.9 billion
5th Largest Florida-based Bank by Deposits
Tier-1 Core Capital Ratio: 11.15 %
Bauer Financial Bank Rating: Five Stars (highest)

Sabadell Bank & Trust, is the private wealth division of Sabadell United Bank. Sabadell Bank & Trust manages over $800 million in client funds which are held by some of the most sound third party custodians in the nation. The bank is recognized as the trusted financial advisor for high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their businesses at its five regional offices throughout Florida.

Miami, USA
Paris, France
London, England
Casablanca, Morocco

Representative Offices:
Mexico D.F, Mexico
Caracas, Venezuela
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.
New Delhi, India
Singapore, Singapore
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Argel, Argelia
Istambul, Turkey
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Become the Most Admired Bank in the State of Florida:
- Recognized as the Bank of Choice for our Target Clients
- Acknowledged as the Employer of Choice among Florida-based Banks.

Achieve Critical Mass with sustainable profitability
in total client funds

We achieve our goals by leveraging our global presence, by maximizing our existing and potential
relationships and by deploying an innovative and scalable business platform. We do all this with a strong
focus on staying very close to our clients!

Sabadell Americas

The Trusted Advisor for Professionals, Businesses, High Net-Worth Individuals, and International Clients.

Sabadell's Recognition
Subsidiaries and partly-owned companies:
Sabadell United Bank (Miami)
BancSabadell d'Andorra:
Centro Financiero BHD (Rep. Dominicana)
Sabadell Asia Trade Services Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Banco Guipuzcoano (Spain)
Caja del Mediterráneo – CAM (Spain)
*pro forma measure for Lloyds acquisition
*pro forma measure for Lloyds acquisition
*pro forma measure for Lloyds acquisition
Policies & Procedures
Policies and Procedures are contained within the Employee
Handbook, Whistleblower Policy, and the Code of Conduct,
located on the Company’s Intranet site.

Within the Employee Handbook:
Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action
At-will Employment
Attendance & Lunch Breaks
Anti-Harassment Policy
Progressive Discipline
Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace
Workplace Violence
Smoking Restrictions
No Solicitation & Distribution

Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures, and report any concerns & violations directly to your supervisor, or Human Resources, a.s.a.p.

Human Resources
Information System: UltiPro

Directories &
Work Hours

Employee, Department, and Locations Directories:

Located in UltiPro, under My Company tab.
Provides Employee’s Name, Title, Department/Location,
and Branch information.

Work Hours:
Full-Time Employees: Most locations employ a Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. work week. In areas that operate on different schedules, hours are set by the employee’s manager.

Part-Time Employees: The employee’s manager will set individual work schedules to assure efficient completion of work in the department or business unit

General Business Etiquette

Please keep personal phone calls to a minimum, and set cell phones to vibrate.

Be aware of what e-mail you send, forward, or receive (inappropriate jokes, pictures, etc). The e-mail system is Bank property & e-mails are retained.

Be sure to arrive to work on time, and call your supervisor if you will be late.

Maintain a clean workspace. Secure confidential materials when away.


Semi-Monthly Payroll (15th & end of month).

Paychecks must be directly deposited into the bank of
your choice.

Exempt (Salaried – No Overtime) vs. Non-Exempt (Hourly – Overtime Eligible).

Overtime must be pre-approved by manager and is paid in the following pay-period after overtime hours are worked.

Pay statements are available via UltiPro Portal.

Non-Exempt employees must use UltiPro Time Management timekeeping system to record attendance. Exempt employee use Time Management to record time-off.

Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance
Health Savings Account
Flexible Spending Account
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Group Life & Disability Plans
Supplemental Polices
Humana Specialty Products
Legal Plan (next enrollment in Nov 2013)
Pet Insurance
Pet Discount Program
Auto Insurance
401(k) Retirement Plan
Additional Services
Paid Time Off Benefits
Worker’s Compensation

Employee Benefits

Humana Specialty Benefits

Supplemental Benefits


Offered through Fidelity Investments
Eligible 1st of the month following 60 days of employment (separate enrollment e-mail)
Company Matches:
100% of the first 3% of employee’s deferral.
50% of the next 2% of employee’s deferral.
Immediate Vesting of Company Match.
Low fund expenses.
Ability to make Pre-tax and After-tax (Roth) contributions.
Enhanced participant services
Optional Self-Directed Brokerage service available (fee).

Additional Services

Employee Assistance Program: Sun Life Financial | SunLife.com | (800) 7865433
Counseling, Referrals & Consultation, Will Preparation, Emergency Travel Assistance, and Identity Theft Protection.

Health Advocate: HealthAdvocate.com/members | (866) 695-8622
Find Doctors, Schedule Appointments, Resolve Insurance Claims, Eldercare Assistance, Cost Estimates, Transfer Medical Records, and Answer Questions.

Tickets at Work: ticketsatwork.com
Discounts for movie tickets, Broadway shows, theme park tickets.

AT&T Employee Discount: http://www.att.com/wireless/sabadell
10% Discount on cell phone monthly service plans

Tuition Assistance – Requires at least: 6 months of services
Full Time - $5,000 Graduate & $2,500 Undergraduate annually.
Part Time - $2,500 Graduate & $1,500 Undergraduate annually.

Center for Financial Training (CFT) - Requires at least 6 months of service

Free Personal Account for Employees – Must use direct deposit
No service charge on Money Orders, Cashier’s or Traveler’s checks.
Waive up to $12 a month in fees for non-Sabadell ATMs

Life & Disability

Active listener
Personal relationship based on cultural affinity

Continuous improvement
Willingness to improve processes

Client’s best interest in mind
Embrace compliance and credit culture

Accountable to deliver the promise
Follow through with commitments

Best experience and knowledge
Product/market/competition knowledge

Dress Guidelines
Non-Costumer Contact
Business casual (if Mgr. authorized).
Must be business appropriate

Costumer Contact
Professional attire (dresses respectable length, or pantsuits).
Shoes, dress sandals, or dress boots with heels.

Costumer Contact
Business suits and ties

Sport coats, dress slacks, and ties

Benefits elected are effective 1st of the month following the date of hire, with the exception of the Legal plan.
401k – 1st of the month following 60 days of employment.
Enroll in UltiPro within the first 20 days from hire date.

Dental - Offered through MetLife
DHMO Plan – SGX245 Network
Only in-network coverage
Must select a primary dentist
Participating dentists file claims
See Fee schedule for cost of care
DPPO – PDP Plus Network
In-network and out-of-network coverage
No need to select a primary dentist or obtain specialist referrals
No ID cards. Participating dentists file claims

Vision Insurance - Offered through EyeMed

Select Plan
In-network coverage only
$10 co-pay for Exam
$130 allowance for lenses

Accident Coverage
Coverage for accidents, injuries, ambulance services, and accidental death
Pays in addition to your primary medical insurance and any other coverage you have
Spouse and child coverage is available
No medical questions to qualify

Supplemental Health

Cash benefits when you are hospitalized
Use the benefits however you want (medical bills, mortgage/rent, bills, childcare, & more)
Pays in addition to any other insurance you have
No physical exam required
Guarantee issue this enrollment only

Critical Illness/Cancer Coverage

Pays benefits after a serious illness or condition, such as a heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease, or if cancer is diagnosed
Use the money to help with day-to-day living expenses
This enrollment only, employees qualify for up to a $15,000 benefit on a guarantee issue basis (pre-existing condition exclusions and limitations apply)
MetLaw Legal Plan (next enrollment period is in Nov 2013)

Low monthly cost of $22.50 for unlimited use, and no co-pays when using a Plan Attorney
Affordable assistance for a wide range of legal needs
Easy access to more than 12,000 professionally selected Plan Attorneys

MetLife Auto Insurance

Comprehensive coverage in the event of damage or loss to your car or other valuable property. Enjoy savings and superior service.
Special employee discounts. Discounts for superior driving and length of employment
Easy to enroll – Call MetLife for your quote 1-855-JOIN-MET

VPI Pet Insurance

VPI offers multiple, affordable healthcare plans for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets.
You’re free to visit any veterinarian, anywhere—even specialists and emergency providers.
Submit your claim for reimbursement
Visit www.PetsVPI.com or call 877-PETS-VPI to apply.

Pet Assure Discount Program

Save 25% at thousands of participating veterinarians
Savings of 5-35% at thousands of participating merchants and providers
Receive a Pet Assure Locator Service ID tag for your pets

Paid Time Off

Vacation Days

*Whenever the Bank’s designated holidays do not total to 10, an additional personal day is granted to total (3) three.

Personal Days (2 or 3 annually, earned quarterly)
Paid Time Off

Maternity Leave
Jury Duty
Paid inclement weather-related facility closing
Bereavement Leave
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

On Boarding

Your E-mail Signature

Workers Compensation & Safety

Workers Compensation
Employees injured on the job should report it immediately to his/her immediate supervisor regardless of the assumed extent of the injury. Failure to report may result in loss of the right to workers’ compensation.


All employees are expected to cooperate fully in periodic fire drills, evacuation. and other safety procedures.
All perceived safety hazards are to be reported immediately to HR.

Medical Emergencies
When an employee’s physical well being is in jeopardy as a result of an accident or medical condition
Immediately call 911 and report your observations and location.
Notify your supervisor who will inform
Human Resources.

Your User Name, e-mail, and phone number, building and parking pass/metro pass (if applicable). Note: Call the IT Department @ 305-808-1094 to get your temporary password.

2nd & 3rd Week
Receive e-mail from Learning & Development from Heizel Bravo with compliance training assignments.
Note: BSA and OFAC courses must be completed within 1st month.
Note: The Code of Ethics and Employee Handbook Acknowledgments must be acknowledge within the 1st month.
Receive medical insurance cards in mail from providers.
Wellness Program Participation.

1st Week
Receive e-mail from Payroll, Laura Paganello or Alejandra Damian Perez UltiPro registration instructions.
Receive e-mail from Katherine Guevara containing benefits information and applicable costs. *Please complete your benefit elections a.s.a.p., via the UltiPro Portal.

New Hire

Your Information

Employee + Spouse
Medical Insurance - Fl Blue

Insurance Information
Medical- Florida Blue
Traditional PPO – Group #: 66540; Plan Number: 03769
Qualified PPO - Group #: 66540; Plan Number: 05182 for Individual Deductible
Qualified PPO - Plan Number: 05183 for Family Deductible
Customer Service #: 1-800-810-2583; www.floridablue.com
You may call Customer Service to receive your ID Number while you await your ID Card.

FSA Account: Administered by Discovery Benefits.
Phone: 866-451-3399; Fax: 866-451-3245

HSA Acoount: Administered by Health Equity.

Vision – EyeMed
Customer Service #: 800-638-3120 or visit www.eyemedvisioncare.com
Dental- MetLife
Group #: 5987091
Customer Service #: 800-275- 4638
Employees who elect the PPO plan will not receive ID cards.  Give your dental provider: Sabadell’s group number (5987091), MetLife’s phone number (800-275- 4638), and your date of birth/Social Security number.   
Employees who elected the DMO plan should receive their ID cards within 10-14 business days after enrolling in benefits.
Life and Disability- Sun Life
Group #: 220709
Customer Service #: 800-247-6875

Employee Assistance Program
To access our EAP call ComPsych at (877) 595-5284. You may call anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You may also access assistance or more information online at www.guidanceresources.com. Click on I am a first-time user – your organization Web ID to sign up is: EAPComplete. Enter BANCO when the site requests the first 5 letters of your company.

The Human Resources Department welcomes you to Sabadell United.

We look forward to a long & rewarding working relationship with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

New Hire Paperwork:
Please review and complete the following forms:

1) I-9 Verification Form
2) Offer Letter
3) W-4 form
4) Direct Deposit form
5) Confidentiality Agreement

Group Term Life Insurance: 2x Annual Salary up to $300k/$500k
Accidental Death & Dismemberment: 2x Annual Salary up to $300/$500k
Short-Term Disability: 60% of salary for up to 26 weeks ($1,000 max per week)
Long-Term Disability: 66.7% of salary ($10,000 max per month)
Employee Voluntary Life Insurance (Guarantee Issue $150,000 up to age 60):
Purchase up to the lesser of $500,000 or 5x your annual salary in $10,000 increments,
Subject to Evidence of Insurability for any amount exceeding the Guaranteed Issue.
Spouse Voluntary Life Insurance (Guarantee Issue $50,000 up to age 60):
Purchase coverage in $5,000 increments up to $250,000 or 50% of your purchased Voluntary Employee Life.
Subject to Evidence of Insurability for any amount exceeding the Guaranteed Issue.
Voluntary Child Life Insurance:
Purchase coverage for your eligible dependent child(ren) (up to age 19 or 23, if a full-time student) in $1,000 increments up to $10,000 or 50% of the purchased Voluntary Employee Life

Insurance Information
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