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Google Apps - The Grove

No description

Alister Payne

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Google Apps - The Grove

Google App - The Grove
What is driving the current surge in technology?
Device Independence
Technology is growing at an exponential rate
Mobile phone growth in Africa is the fastest in the world
The arrival of undersea fiber-optic cables
Social media & instant messaging
Core IT Management Decisions
Open Source software as a first choice;
DELL, all of our laptops and machines are supplied and support by Dell
3 years care cover (theft & accident),
Cost (+- R8000 per laptop);
Shift to Cloud-based services
Google Apps for all email, calendars & documents,
EdAdmin is offered as a web service.
IT Strategic Plan
AGILITY, to adopt new technologies and to embrace change;
CONTINUITY, to ensure that services vital for teaching, learning and administration of the school are uninterrupted;
ROBUST, to survive the classroom... and teachers;
COST EFFECTIVE, bang for our buck.
4 different operation systems, 1 interface
Alister Payne

IT Strategic session the year before I arrived
Funding was frozen for 4 years
Expectations - Free web based email services
Existing services time consuming and brittle
What is Google Apps?
A collection of Google services - within your digital domain
Core services - Email, Calendaring & Contacts - Docs/Drive
IT outsourcing model (Cloud Computing)
No more updates
No more maintenance
No more cost
99% SLA
Google Apps Management
Sidebar 1
What is our core business?
Do we have the necessary skills & capacity to meet expectations?
Sidebar 2
How does this affect teaching and learning?
Surely technology cannot be seen in isolation?
What are the benefits?
Google Services
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