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Ryan Wade

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Predator or Prey Lists of Countries Georgian is spoken by about 4 million people in Georgia. It is spoken by about 500,000 outside of the country. Georgian Georgian Alphabet The Bible in Georgian About Georgian Georgian emerged in the country of Georgia, which is in the Middle East. The Georgian language was heavily influenced by the Greek language. It is one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today. It has about 4.5 million speakers, with about 4 million that live in the country of Georgia. Georgian is known to be a very hard, difficult language. It's status is the official language of Georgia. It is also a smaller language, which gives it a better chance for it to die out. Ryan Wade World Language Prezi Georgian would be considered a prey language. Compared to many of the world's languages, Georgian is not as widely spoken as other languages. Though it is not really growing or declining, information shows that it is more likely to die out than many other bigger languages. AN(a), BAN(b), GAN(g), DON(d), EN(e), VIN(v), Zen(z), Tan(t), IN(i), KAN(k'), LAS(l), MAN(m), NAR(n), ON(o), PAR(p'), ZHAR(zh), RAE(r), SAN(t), TAR(t'), UN(u), PAR(p), KAR(k), GHAN(gh), O'AR(q'), SHIN(sh), CHIN(ch), TSAN(ts), DZIL(dz), TS'IL(ts'), CH'AR(ch'), KHAN(kh), JAN(j), HAE(h)
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