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DECA Chapter Visits

No description

Holly Norris

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of DECA Chapter Visits

DECA prepares emerging
leaders and entrepreneurs
in marketing, finance, hospitality
and management.

What is DECA?
Our mission statement:
But it's SO much more.
DECA lets you travel,
Former National Officers at the Great Wall of China (above) and the 2008 Olympic Stadium (right)
and the world!
Lets you meet some amazing people!
DECA competitive events prepare you for careers in your chosen field.
2012-2013 Texas DECA District Officers
We offer everything from
Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
To Automotive Marketing
To Hospitality Professional Selling
Some are even sponsored by companies you want to work for!
DECA conferences take over entire cities for the sole purpose of competition, networking and exploration!
State 2014 will be in Dallas
The DECA experience truly is amazing and if you stick with it long enough you will never regret joining DECA! -Josh Anderson, Utah Northern Region Vice President
So why should YOU join DECA?
Traveling was the hook, but once I got involved, there was nothing else I'd rather do! -Kyle Kuo, Arizona DECA ELS Attendant and Current State Officer
You will learn how to dominate a job interview and understand how and why things in business works. It opens yourself up to amazing opportunities to be successful and to meet new fun people and travel the world. What beats that? - Morgan Thompson, Former National DECA President
I really liked learning about how to act professional and how DECA helps me learn about careers in business.-Leah Moskovitz, Michigan DECA VP of Chapter Development
DECA was one of the first times in my life I truly felt like I was part of something great. I joined to give me something to do, stayed because I knew I was in a great, loving, exciting place!
-Jesse Solis, Michigan DECA VP of Business Partnerships, National Officer Candidate
My absolute favorite part about DECA is the enthusiasm DECA members possess. Running around throwing their hands in the air and screaming "DECAAAA!!" doesn't happen for every club!
-Emma Hutchinson, Oklahoma DECA State President
Now, what you have to ask yourself is, are YOU ready?
Clements High School Members in Corpus, State CDC 2012
around the state
District and State Officer Leadership Retreat, New Braunfels
the country...
Emerging Leader Summit, 2012
Los Angeles, California
The 2012-2013 State Action Team in Washington DC for the Ultimate DECA Power Trip
DECA's New York Experience gives members a chance to explore one of the business capitals of the world.
Men's Wearhouse CEO George Zimmer speaking at ICDC 2012
Created by Holly Norris, 2012-2013 Texas DECA State Reporter
and DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent
Candidates for 2013-2014 National Office
Incoming and outgoing National Officers
Texas DECA State Action Team
DECA is a journey that spans months and years of laughs, hard work and even tears. But it's a journey you may just have to see for yourself.
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