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Gender Roles in A Streetcar Named Desire

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Jenny Hafer

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Gender Roles in A Streetcar Named Desire

Gender Roles in
A Streetcar Named Desire
By: Jenny Hafer

Mitch is a stereotypical gentleman that does not handle things like most men in that time. In many ways he could be considered similar to Stella. Although Blanche lies to Mitch and has relations with other men Mitch is still very forgiving. Mitch hands the power over to Blanche much like Stella hands it to Stanley.
Gender Roles Compromised?
Gender Roles in the movie match up pretty well with what was going on in the world at that time. One time I saw a slight compromise in the story is when Blanche challenges Stanley. She constantly makes comments that seem to take away the power that men had over women which is a fascinating concept.
Breaking down...Stanley
Stanley portrays the common dominate husband of Stella. Throughout the movie he is constantly trying to prove that he is the one in charge. Eventually he pushes Stella to what we think will be her limit due to his angry and violent ways. However, after the man of the house comes crawling back for forgiveness. He proves once again that he holds the power in his hands.
Breaking down...Blanche
Blanche is by far the most interesting character in A Streetcar Named Desire in my opinion. She almost challenges gender roles of the time much like Stanley by trying to get her way. Although, much different than Stanley she uses sexual affairs to gain power rather than violence. Blanche in some ways takes the unfair treatment of women in that time and takes advantage of that to gain sympathy and muchmore.
Breaking down...Stella
Stella is definitely the character with the least interesting attributes in the movie. This is because she does what everyone wants her to. She wants to please other people rather than standing up for herself. Stella and Stanley take on very typical roles for the time period which is why everything changes when "wild card" Blanche comes into the picture.
Character Roles
Gender Roles in the play and movie are directly translated from the character roles themselves.

Blanche was percieved as the anagonist when this play came out. In modern times she is considered to be a victim of Stanley.
Stanley could be portrayed as the protagonist in the time that this play was written. However in modern times, Stanley would without a doubt be the antagonist because of his acts of physical and sexual abuse of Blanche and Stella.
Stella is an example of a typical wife for this time period. She allows Stanley and occasionally Blanche to walk all over her. This character role didn't strike the audience of the play as interesting as the other characters because it was so typical.
Our Good Friend Mitch
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