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Organization and Time Management

Short presentation on how to manage your time a little better!

Dominique Hosch

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Organization and Time Management

your toolkit
step on it!
Organization and Time Management
use your head
Ways to Stay
Folders &
Sticky notes, folders, and notebooks should all be kept relatively close to you so that you can be reminded when something is due or what is due. This can help you prioritize when you want to do and assignment and helps you manage your time.
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Different Types of
Events Schedule
Regular Schedule
Let's GO!
Wrapping It Up
Lists things that need to be accomplished by specific dates

Helps users to clears the things they need to do, leave sufficient time to take actions, do the related preparations in advance
Everyone knows what procrastination is but why do we do it?

Force of Habit

Lack of self-regulation or not being able to control one’s actions well enough to concentrate on an important task at hand

Having yourself consistently fooled into believing you “work better under pressure” or you’ll have “more motivation tomorrow”

Actively seeking distractions whenever confronted with a task you don’t

The unnecessary stress it adds to an already chaotic work and school schedule can also be detrimental to your health (not getting enough sleep in particular)

In order to incorporate organization and time management you’ll most likely also have to kick the habit of procrastination at the same time

Like any habit it is difficult to break but not impossible and will provide overall higher quality of work and personal wellness

Help users to know the specific tasks need to accomplish every day, in order to reasonably allocate time, improve efficiency

Enhance sense of accomplishment to some extent


Break down an assignment into as many small tasks as possible as not to feel overwhelmed

Plan to work and study in an environment free of usual distractions

Create a timeline for yourself with personal deadlines to meet

Limit access to websites that you visit the most and are more likely to spend time on instead of work

Ting's Experience with Time Management
That's Me!
App That I Use
How To Make Sure
You Don't Freak Out!
Know that being anxious and nervous won’t do you any good. (You have to do it anyway)

Taking action NOW!


Feels good when you're finished!

Know the importance of knowing what your schedule is!
How many of you actually know what your day, week, or month will actually be like?
Print off your class, work, and meeting schedules if you don’t feel comfortable with having it online.
School (and/or work) comes first!
Don’t let others get in your way of getting things done.
You need to know what is important!
Social clubs, intramural sports, campus guides, student government, etc. – THEY CAN WAIT!

When using a planner, you can take it to class everyday and when you are told about an assignment, you can simply write it in.
Calendars in your room can be used as a reminder to when things are due or obligations you have
Alarms can be set on your phone or computer to remind you when you have to be somewhere or when something is due
Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes is an app that reminds you when something is due or what is due. This can help you prioritize when you want to do an assignment and helps you manage your time.
Folders on your computer are a good way to stay organized with all of your class work.
Getting different notebooks or a notebook with subject dividers will keep your notes more organized and save you time when it comes to studying.
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