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How ICT Affects our Everyday Lives

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Bernat Frangi

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of How ICT Affects our Everyday Lives

Bernat Frangi
How ICT Affects our Everyday Lives
We use computers for many things including school homework, surfing the web, playing games, sending e-mails, watching YouTube etc. The computer is made up of the software and the hardware. These allow it to store information for easy access.
computers can be very useful if used appropriately, but if used excessively, they could become bad.
We use microwaves to heat and cook food. microwaves use microwaves to heat up whatever you put inside. These waves bounce all over the inside of the microwave, introducing electricity into the food which then comes out as heat. This method is faster and uses less energy. The danger of a microwave is putting metal into it. These electrons that form the wave can produce sparks if they make contact with metal. This can cause fire.
Microphones are used for increasing the volume of a sound. The sound enters through the microphone and into the speakers. This is done by a series of energy changes - from sound to electricity and back to sound. this is done by thin sheets of material vibrating and making sound.
Microphones and Speakers
Radio controlled cars are a popular toy. They use radio signals to give commands. as you pule the remote, it sends a signal to the car. The car then carries out this command and so the car moves.
Radio Controlled Car
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