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Flip van der Valk

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of MobileNatureManagement

Presentation of Mobile
Nature Monitoring Project
FASP Consulting
Abiël Kuster
Penny Broman
Sjimmie Dirkx
Flip van der Valk Welcome What Why How Agenda Movie Where we left off Background: Vision 2020
Cross border challenges
Integration of geographical information
Purpose of this meeting:
Project Mobile Nature Monitoring
Presenting expected deliverables
Historical background
Nature monitoring and control programs for vegetation and animal life
Recreational functions Nature & Monitoring – why? Making geo-referenced data easily accessible to different types of users
Improve nature management through GIS
Serve tourists and day-trippers better
Conform EU regulations European standardized collection of data

Central storage and universal access to data

Quality assurance through automated processes
Development Process Handling of uncertainties
quality assurance
Deliverables rejected by the
border park organization
New website used extensively by the public
Foresters hesistant to work with ICT
and especially GIS solutions
5-point scale measurements
Framework for Integrated Tests
User Acceptance tests
Quality Assurance Deliverables in practice Mobile application Benefits of mobile monitoring Online web functionality Pro's Challenges Questions User friendly
Process data ‘real time’
Easy access to data
User friendly and intuitive

Not a GIS application, but a Forester application

Use of GPS and aerial photos

Use requires changing from pen & paper to PDA

Becoming even more user friendly

Desktop solution for forester not yet user friendly

Synchronisation issues > UMTS coverage
Nature & Monitoring Virtual visit to Kalmthoutse Heide problem solving process Central Database Collect data one time, use data many times
Concurrent use
External accessability
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