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Egyptian creation myth

No description

Michael McNamara

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Egyptian creation myth

Egyptian creation myth
was only Nu in the dark when waters rose Atum grew and he created himself. He created a hills so he could stand then he created ason and daughter the son was shu god of air and the daughter tefant god of moisture. There job was to seperate chaos into law and order this order was maat represented by a feather. Shu and Tefent created Geb god of earth and nut the sky. Shu pushed nut to the heavins there remained arched over Geb. Nut produced rain For Geb to grow things on earth as the sky she gave birth to the sun in the morning. Shu and tefent produced other gods such as isis queen of gods, Hathor the godess of love and Beauty, Osiris God of wisdom and justice, Seth god of evil, Thoth god of wisdom and Nephthys protectress of the dead. But shu and tefent got lost in the dark waters of nu. Atum sent his all seeing eye to find his children when he returned he cried tears of joy these tears in return created the human . The gods forever wanted to protect their creations.

Egyptian Mentor Myth
This myth is about Osiris and his sister Isis how they helped fix Egypt from the Horrible time they were going threw. Isis discovered the grain of both wheat and barley, which grew wild over the land with the other plants and was still unknown to man. Then Osiris taught them how to plant the seeds when the Nile had risen in the yearly inundation and sunk again leaving fresh fertile mud over the fields. His evil brother Seth hated Osiris and and after Osiris returned from one of his journeys he had a big feast. Seth made a exact measurement of his body into a wooden chest and ask Osiris to fit inside, Seth nailed the chest together leaving his brother locked inside. Then he sent him to float away down the Nile river.
Egyptian Mythology
By Michael McNamara and John Proia

Natural Phenomena
Hills were created by atum when he wanted to stand
humans were created by atum when he cried
the sun is reborn every morning by the the sky god
No Moral in the creation Myth

The Egyptian Fall myth
Osiris knew that the time had come for horus to declare war on seth. he had gottton Re himself to join him. He looked into horus eyes and saw thing that made even the bravest man scared it was huge pig but really that pig that was really seth. the battle began when they charged from the north and seth rained fire on horos and Re . As Seth opened his mouth ready to destroy horos and his followers but them horos swung his harpoon and hit seth right in the head . Afther the battle a festival was heald were they cut him up to be fed to the cats after the battle of edfu horos was now the new king of the living.
Natural Phenomenon
Why there is evil in the world
Fight for what you believe in
Evil is always destroyed by good
Natural Phenomena
Osiris wooden chest came to a shore called Phoenicia,Here the waves cast it into a tamarisk tree that grew on the shore; and the tree shot out branches and grew leaves and flowers to make a fit resting place for the body of the good god Osiris
You cant always trust the closest people to you.
The Egyptian seasons Myth
Natural Phenomenon
The Changing of the seasons in Egypt.
Renenutet was a protective snake-goddess. she originally protected the king and then the farmers harvest. She was a cobra with the sun disk and horns on her head. A festival to Renenutet were celebrated during the last month of winter and spring season which was when the crops were planted. The other celebration was held in her honor in the first month of the spring and summer seasons which was when the plants began to ripen.
No moral
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