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Beowulf's Fight with Grendel: The short animation

No description

ryan seth

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf's Fight with Grendel: The short animation

Beowulf's Fight with Grendel: The Short Animation
By Ryan and Xavier

Model Creation
Character Creation
To enhance the visual appeal of our Project Ryan and I added in many different effects using different techniques texturing and taking advantage of the blender physics engine
Mead Halls

Thank You!!
For our animation we used Blender, a free open source program for the 3D modeling and animation.In this Project we used many different aspects of this programs and a wide range of animation techniques.
The first thing we had to to when animation was create models of every and any object we wanted to have in our video. Every object that we made for this story was originally a cube.
Creating Characters for a project like this has a lot of factors, not only did we have to build them, each character has its own skeleton that with different dimensions and constraints

Texturing and Physics in blender
-Three Mead Halls were found from the era in which Beowulf takes place and they all average about 50 meters in size, In our construction of the Mead hall we took this into consideration and tried to stay as close to an accurate size as possible.
- Mead Halls were an importatn part of the political structure in this time, there was no way better to exemplify your power than through wealth, we showed this wealth through the extravagant decorations and stylings of the mead hall
This Project, while fun was difficult. Overall we dealt with over 200,000 verticies, and lost the loyalty of our hardworking computers by the end, because we worked them past the point of exhaustion.
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