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Copy of Red Sun

Business Plan Presentation 2011 Red Sun Ltd.

Bart Loosman

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Red Sun

Presentation Business Plan
Red Sun Content of the presentation
1. 1. The Holo-Book 2. Marketing 3. Logistics Required funds: €240,000

Following presentation will explain the benefits
of investing in Red Sun. 4. Finance 5. Sustainability Marketing Target Market Target Market P-strategies Objectives Mission SWOT Logistics Product Finance Sustainable Jah Product description: 'A book that once opened, projects a holographic fairy tale.' Product protection: The Red Sun Holo-Book is not patented But its Intel® Laser holographic
projectors are. Intel® custom made its projectors for Red Sun,
who is the sole buyer of the projectors. Customer benefits: Parents can record their voice, so the bonding between child and parent is increased.

The fairy tale is experienced in the most breathtaking way imaginable.

The fairytale can be watched any moment, anywhere in the world. Target market: Early adaptors of new technology

Young parents with a modern lifestyle

Households with medium-high incomes Accounts for aproximately 1.2% of Chinese population
(13.6 million inhabitants) Marketing strategies: Market skimming pricing strategy Mission statement: 'To change the way of reading books forever by providing holographic entertainment to replace imagination.' Locations: Organizational structure: Production process: Demonstration events to create personal experience. Media that will be used is the newspaper, as digital channels are blocking foreign IPs. Marketing objectives: To become and remain the pioneer in holographic products. Financial projections: Sales -> Net income Year 2: €633,750 -> -€31,823 Year 3: €761,250 -> €33,075 Year 4:€875,000 -> €88,086 Year 5: €1,000,000 -> €137,916 Cash flow analysis To expand our market to NE Asia, and then Europe and the USA. To create a large brand equity and loyalty to the Red Sun brand products. Year 1: €520,000 -> -€103,929 Break-even analysis Cash beginning of the year: Cash ending of the year: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 €68,130 €280,000 €68,130 €69,317 €69,317 €108,502 €108,502 €161,348 €161,348 €266,074 Break-even point: Actual products sold: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1300 2013 1745 1625 1689 2030 1737 2500 1852 3125 Difference: (1097) (120) 311 763 1273 Loan repayment Original Amount: €240,0000 5% interest: €12,000 / year First 3 years interest only 10 year repayment plan: €24,000 / year Socially sustainable: Create employment and career opportunities in low income countries. Invest in local community by providing training and education in holographic technology. Environmental sustainable: 95% recycled materials used Practically no plastic used Bio-degradable packaging used For production solely green energy was used. Head office Varna (5 managers) Manufacturing in Varna (10 employees) Warehouse Shanghai (3 employees) Raw Materials received: Intel® projectors
Aluminium framework
Leather hardcover
Intel® processor
ASUS battery Assembly Packaging Shipping to China Finished Holo-Book Bio-degradable carton Conclusion: Unique product Break-even in the third year Sustainable operations Pioneer in holographic products
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