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Types of Trade Barriers

Mr. Barkes

Daniel Barkes

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Types of Trade Barriers

Types of Trade Barriers 1. How are countries connected economically?
2. What are the costs and benefits of free trade and trade barriers and how do trade organization facilitate trade? Unfavored Nations Countries we don't like to trade with Trade Barriers:
Make trade more difficult Tariff:
Tax on imported goods

Type of Trade Barrier Quota:
Only an "X" amount can be imported

Type of Trade Barrier Standards:
Has to be of good quality Subsidies:
Government investment in local industry
Type of Trade Barrier Embargo:
Eliminates trade with a country
Type of Trade Barrier Protectionists:
-People who do not want imports
-Only want to buy domestic products
-Love trade barriers
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