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Velocity June 2013 - Rob King

Cargobikes: last mile made easy

Gary Armstrong

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Velocity June 2013 - Rob King

Rob King, CMILT
Outspoken Delivery

Twitter: @outspokendeliv
250kg of freight
60kg of freight
Approx 1.4m
Approx 0.2m
Last Mile logistics
Last Mile logistics - vision for city centres
What potential is there to move freight from vans to cargobikes?
Passenger mobility to increase 300-400% by 2050 (ITF, 2011)
Urban Deliveries in Action:
Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK
Developing the market
Rob King, CMILT
Outspoken Delivery

- Highlight best practice
- Share knowledge, experience, marketing, costs
- Establish a lobby group(s) to influence relevant stakeholders
110+ members across UK & Europe:
Examples - Delivery Companies
Examples - Lifestyle Magazines
Last Mile logistics
A changing Urban landscape
Liveable streets
How big is the market?
Huge potential
CO2 Reduction
25% of urban goods could be delivered by bicycles (ECF)
Logistics industry - 13.1% of CO2 emissions, (IPCC, 2007)
Deutch Post DHL committed 30 % by 2020
Cyclelogistics - a serious proposition
Changing urban lanscape
Logistics companies going green
Huge opportunity for cyclelogistics to develop & make contribution to more liveable cities

Main challenge remains perception within logistics industry.

Must communicate well and develop the industry so we have a credible solution

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