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Kelsey Stamborski

math project

Mrs Feeney

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Kelsey Stamborski

Hershey Verizon Stocks for Hershey and Verizon By: Kelsey Stamborski Period 5 :) :D Founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1893 is so cool 12,800 employees Headquarters located in
Hershey, Pennsylvania Manufacturer of chocolate and sugar products Provides communications services to consumers, carriers, businesses and government customers. Provides for customers in the
United States and internationally
in 150 countries. 230,000 employees Also sells baking ingredients,
toppings and beverages,
and gum and mints under more
than 80 brand names. Makes 5.5 billion per year Profit and Loss for Hershey Profit and Loss for Verizon Hershey made more money than I expected. At the end of the
stock market project, Hershey made $1,550.40, and lost only
Advice about investing... If I were to give advice about
investing in stocks, I would suggest
for someone to look carefully at
the background or history of the
company. If the company has a
good reputation, then I would
recommend investing in that one
rather than a company that you can't
find much information about. What did I like about the project? I liked this project because I thought
it was interesting to compare two
very different companies and keep
track of their profit and loss. Before
this project, I didn't know much
about stocks, but now I think I have
a better understanding of what they
are. I also enjoyed using the program
Prezi. Although confusing at first, I
liked that it was different from other
programs I have previously used, such
as Powerpoint. What would I change about the project? If I could change something about this project, I would like for the stocks to be
checked frequently instead of over a long period of a few months. Unlike Hershey, Verizon lost a lot of money during the stock market
project. Verizon didn't make a profit at all. Verizon started with $86.39, and ended the project with a negative balance of $257.54.
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