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GaDOE K-8 Technology Standards for Students/Scope and Sequence

Georgia recently adopted the NETS-S (National Educational Technology Standards for Students). We have developed a K-8 scope and sequence to support the teaching of these standards.

Wendy Grey

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of GaDOE K-8 Technology Standards for Students/Scope and Sequence

NET-S What are the NETS-S? Why NETS-S? How will we teach NETS-S? When? National Educational Technology Standards Creativity and Innovation Communication and Collaboration Research and Information Fluency Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Digital Citizenship Technology Operations and Concepts Student engagement K-8 Scope and Sequence Part 1: The Overview

Broken down by element. Expected mastery levels indicated for each grade level.

Mastery Levels = Exposed (X), Introduced (I), Developed (D), or Mastered (M).

Exposed – Teachers will demonstrate the element as a part of a technology integrated classroom.
Introduced – Teachers will introduce the element in whole group or small group settings. Mastery is not expected at this time.
Developed – Students are expected to begin to develop mastery of element with assistance.
Mastered – Students are expected to master element independently. The importance of being a problem solver.... Today's students must be ready for jobs that do not yet exist..... Student learning styles Employers need skilled problem solvers All elements should be mastered by 8th grade. The mastery levels were developed by working backwards from 8th grade milestones, based on the Profiles for Technology Literate Students as published by ISTE Part 2: Grade Specific Indicators

Indicators were created for each of the six ISTE standards for students. These indicators show what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level for each of the standards. These indicators are task oriented and provide insight into the types of skills needed to complete tasks. Part 3: Glossary

A glossary was created to ensure a common understanding of technology related terms used in the scope and sequence document. Terms in the document have been hyperlinked directly to the document. GaDOE K-8 Technology Standards for Students/Scope and Sequence It's about this... Not this... Currently seeking feedback
FY 11 Title II D Grantees and Parallel Partners to implement
Refine Scope and Sequence
State-wide implementation Let's take a look... http://georgianets.wikispaces.com
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