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Megan DuVernois

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Islam

1. Muhammad is considered Allah's greatest and last prophet.
2. Many Muslims believe that the Quran was written by Allah himself and delivered the message through Muhammad.
3. Much like Jesus is considered the sacred presence on Earth, a gift from God, Muslims consider the Quran as Allah's gift to humanity.
4. Muhammad began to recieve revelations from the angel Gabriel when he was 40 years old.
5. Muhammad faced a lot of persecution from the Meccan elite in the beginning of the Muslim community.
6. The Muslim holy book is made up of two parts: The Quran, the literal word of Allah, amd the Hadith, words of wisdom from Muhammad.
7. Muhammad was illiterate.

Sacred Stories (mythic)
Muhammad was the most famous prophet
The Qur'an is the most important sacred text, filled with many important stories.
Islamic sacred stories parallel with the religions of Christianity and Judaism
Hagar and Ishmael's story.
Creation Story and Adam and Eve.
Muhammad's Night Journey where he was taken to heaven by the angel Gabriel.
Doctrinal amd Ethical
- Main Doctrines: Qu’ran & Shari’a
- Key Ethics
- Four Principles: Taqwa, Ibsan, Iman, & Islam
-5 Pillars
Ritual and Material
The ________ is a collection of words of wisdom from Muhammad.
Muhammad recieved his revelations from the angel ________.
The ____________ follow the orthodox teachings of Islam.
The ____________ refers to the Islamic community.
_________ is the term for Muslim worship.
Prayer requires someone to _______ and ________.

More Questions!
Many Islamic stories are parallel with the religions of __________ and __________
Name one sacred story that we discussed in today's presentation.
According to Islamic ethics, what prevents Muslims from doing what is right? _______
The ______contains the divine law
Umma is the name of the Islamic community. The Umma puts aside all the differences of the Muslims and sticks strictly to religion.
Muslims come together as a community to pray. Praying is essential to the community life.
There are two main dimensions: Shia and Sunni.
The Shia believe that all the direct descendants of Muhammad are the spiritual leaders.
The Sunni follow the original teachings of Islam. follow the traditional customs, very orthodox.
The Mosque is the most important institution in the Islamic religion.
The Mosque is where the Umma comes to pray together.
Without the Mosque there is no community.

*Islamic faith is filled with many rituals
*Salat is formal Islamic prayer
*Ibahdah- Muslim worship; worship is performed in mosques
*Journey to Mecca: Hajj
*Ramadan: Muslim fasting month

1. Did you have any perceptions of Islam before this presentation? Were they positive or negative?
2. Did these perceptions change throughout the presentation? If so, how?
3. Did you learn anything about Islam that you found particularly interesting?
4. Did you learn anything that you disagreed with?
Discussion Questions
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