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Literary Devices

No description

Chris Hozempa

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Literary Devices

The Life You Save May Be Your Own
Literary Devices
-"[Shiftlet] swung both his whole and his short arm up slowly so that they indicated an expanse of sky and his figure formed a crooked cross."
..."sly isolated little thought like a shoot of green in the desert."
The Outcast- Shiftlet is an outcast from society and is seeking redemption.
Imagery-the author uses descriptive language to create a specific image in the readers mind.
- "[Lucynell] had long pink-gold hair and eyes as
blue as a peacock's neck."

Uses color imagery to represent Lucynell's purity.
-"[Shiftlet] had painted the car dark green with a yellow band around it just under the windows."

Green represents the regeneration of his soul,
and the yellow represents his betrayal. This
foreshadows future events.
The author uses the symbol of the "crooked cross" to represent how Shiftlet has fallen from grace, which explains his want to do good and redeem himself.
"A cloud, the exact color of the boy's hat and
shaped like a turnip, had descended
over the sun..."
Sun symbolizes grace, while
the clouds represent egoism.
This creates the comparison that
the expression on Lucynell is very noticeable during the car ride. Her expressions are important because it shows her innocence in the situation.
- Shifltlet compares a man's body to a house, but his spirit to an automobile. This would later explain why Shiftlet chooses to take the car rather than settle in the house.
Shiftlet gives in to sin when he leaves
Lucynell in the diner.
The Question
Human morality is defined by the choices individuals make. Write an essay addressing how one of the characters from the short story, The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Flannery O-Connor, is affected by the decisions that he or she makes, and how those decisions reveal his or her individual personalities. Be sure to incorporate literary devisces used throughout the story in your response.
-Use clear examples from the story.
The Thesis
-Incorporate at least 3 rhetorical devices
-Make sure to explain how they contribute to the character development.
The Essay Process
Question 1
Do you really think Mr. Shiftlet was
searching for a chance at redemption or
do you believe that he was only there to steal the car?
Question 2
What does Lucynell represent in this story?
Question 3
What is the significance in the line "The life you save may be your own"?
Question 4
What roles does Shiftlet play for both Lucynell and her mother?
Question 5
Why does Shiftlet give the boy a sermon on the sweetness of a mother's love?
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