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Probability Prezi

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Cami Woodruff

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Probability Prezi

Probability : Miss Woodruff's classroom has twenty students what is the probability that Jane,a student from the class, will be selected from a hat of all the student's names? Example 1: Probability Example 2: A fair dice with numbers 1-6 is thrown. What is the probability that the number chosen is a prime of 2? Since probability is the likelihood of something happening... Where do we see this??? the chance that something will happen or its likely event! Although probability has been around for thousands of years the true father of probability is Blaise Pascal who helped to develop the probability theory with Pierre de Fermat. Who are the founders of Probability? what your asking for/ total
1/20 or 5% chance. Find the approximate probability that a spinning penny will land heads up or that a tossed paper cup will land open-end down. Do the outcomes for the spinning penny appear to be equally likely based on the observed frequencies? 1.) Penny: heads/total= 1/2= 50%
2.) Cup: open side/total= 1/2= 50%
Yes, both the penny and the cup are equally likely because of their
frequencies are 1/2 or at 50%. Frequency: is the probability of success after the total amount of trials. Example 3: what are the primes of 2?
2,4, and 6

Therefore because we have 3 primes of 2 and we have 6 in all it is a 3/6 chance or 1/2.
50% chance of probability. Therefore the event is neither likely nor unlikely because the probability is half. Example 4:
The probability theory:
The likelihood that something will happen. The closer the probability is to one the more likely it will happen and the closer it is to zero the the more unlikely it is to happen. If it is half that means that it is neither unlikely or likely to happen. You are playing a game of cards what the probability that you pick up a Jack? Remember that there are 52 cards in a deck and 4 different suits. Therefore you have 4 different sets of Jacks and fifty-two cards in all therefore : asked/total =4/52 or 1/13 or 7.7% Homework:
page 147: 1-25(odd)
Review theory of probability . There is a probability of 95% that there will be a quiz next class. Common Core Standards that were Covered: -CCSS.Math.Content.7.SP.C.5

We will be covering the probability model next class! Additionally there will be an introduction to a probability project with the use of the book The Hunger Games ...
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