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Copy of Prezi 3D TEMPLATE by sydo.fr

Awesome template but don't use it with Chrome... Or it may crash ! (sorry)

Diana and Elijah Sharp

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi 3D TEMPLATE by sydo.fr

Green built city project
By Amanda Alonzo & Diana Chernyaeva
a few peripheral towers
peripheral plate:
agricultural activity;
residential houses
the central piece of island would provide solar, wind energy (it'll balance floating stability of the island on the water and also direct island movement in the open sea). It would serve as the source of fish caught from below levels of water
serve as main office/downtown districts with tower body having elements of agricultural business
floating plants in the air (driven by remote control of city management) clean the air and reduce CO2 emissions
absolutely all coastal city buildings will have
the above attributes of green house
biomorph shape of buildings with
solar and wind power energy as well as
geothermal powered underground shopping center
wave energy is widely utilized by
both island and coastal city
wind power on coastal shore and island
hydro power from mountains rivers/lakes
all transportation vehicles will have zero CO2 emission
and public transit will be predominantly used (trains and buses driven by electric-magnetic power on air cushion without drivers)
modern solar panels almost everywhere
Garden city is part of coastal downtown with
spiral proportional distribution of industrial, residential
and agriculatural, recreational blocks
to preserve the
resources NO meat
would be eaten, also
only organic food to
be grown and consumed
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